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Scribendi teams up with LTVCA to plant trees in local park

Randall Van Wagner, from the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, and President Chandra Clarke, stand together in front of the Scribendi sign holding a donation. gave a generous donation to the
Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
for a tree planting slated for April 24, 2012.

With Earth Day right around the corner, is once again teaming up with the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA), providing a generous donation to help fund the planting of 20 trees in Mid-Wood Oxley Park in Chatham on April 24th.

"I find that a walk in the woods is a great way to conquer writer's block, so our tree cover and our beautiful parks are one of the reasons I enjoy living and doing business in Chatham," said’s Vice-President, Terry Johnson. "These trees will contribute to keeping our air clean, and as they mature they will provide natural cooling and shade in the heat of summer. We're proud to be contributing to a healthy, sustainable community." has dedicated itself to raising money and planting trees for the LTVCA over the past four years and will continue this green tradition by making a donation of $500.00, which the LTVCA will then match. This means a total of $1000.00 will be spent on trees to be planted by staff for Earth Day.

This spring, will be planting Carolinian trees at the local park, which connects to the O’Neill Woods Nature Preserve (formerly Paxton’s Bush).

"This forest is an important rest area for migratory birds passing through this region, and these newly planted trees will provide an added food source and habitat for them," said Randall Van Wagner, Environmental Project Coordinator at the LTVCA. "Park users will also benefit from the added shade, beautification, and oxygen production that these native trees will provide. has been an annual donor to the Chatham-Kent Greening Partnership, and continues to provide financial and volunteer assistance to improve our environment."

By donating both time and financial support to green initiatives such as the LTVCA, President Chandra Clarke and Vice-President Terry Johnson's contributions will help maintain and improve Chatham-Kent's environment, benefitting both the local wildlife and the local community.


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