An Industry Leader for Corporate Editorial Projects

Since 1997, Scribendi has provided high-quality editorial solutions for professionals and academics worldwide. Whether it's an internal company document or an academic research paper, Scribendi delivers unrivaled end-product quality.

An Industry Leader for Corporate Editorial Projects

Who can benefit from our corporate setup?

  • Universities and Other Academic Institutions

    Universities and Other Academic Institutions

  • Healthcare Providers

    Healthcare Providers

  • Government Services and Departments

    Government Services and Departments

  • Publishers and Printers

    Publishers and Printers

  • Marketers and Advertisers

    Marketers and Advertisers

  • Banks and Finance Companies

    Banks and Finance Companies

  • Investment Companies

    Investment Companies

  • Sales and Retail Companies

    Sales and Retail Companies

  • Travel and Hospitality Companies

    Travel and Hospitality Companies

  • Legal Services

    Legal Services

  • Transportation Companies

    Transportation Companies

  • Realtors


Why choose us?

We have editorial services designed to meet the specific needs of corporate clients. Our range of services can be customized to fit the individual requirements of a project. Best of all, our editors are highly experienced and have a proven track record with decades of success.

When you work with Scribendi, you know you'll be getting the best possible editorial service.

Benefits of our corporate setup

  • Custom private landing page

    We will set up a private landing page for your company. This page will allow all members of your team to easily use Scribendi services, view special offerings available to your company, and maintain a streamlined editing workflow.

    Custom private landing page
  • Tailored services

    Tailored services

    Regardless of your specific project requirements, we'll deliver exactly what you need within the required turnaround time.

    Whether it's specific document formatting for a research paper or the application of a corporate style guide for an internal manual or an external proposal, you'll never need to question our attention to detail.

  • Multiple-user management

    For companies that require many hands on deck, our corporate account offers you the ability to add multiple users to your account.

    Multiple-user management
  • Flexible payment terms

    Flexible payment terms

    We understand that our clients may have varying requirements with regard to payment terms, so we offer a variety of options and can find the best match for each client's circumstances.

  • Special volume discounts

    We offer substantial discounts if there is a high volume of orders, making our corporate setup perfect for large companies or institutions with heaps of written content.

    Special volume discounts
  • Priority support

    Priority support

    Our corporate accounts enjoy priority customer support. We're familiar with the time-sensitive nature of editorial projects and keep this in mind when dealing with queries. You can get started by highlighting your project requirements.

Scribendi offers high-quality editorial services for the following types of documents

  • Academic research papers

  • Assignments, theses, and case studies

  • Websites and blog posts

  • Emails and professional communications

  • Internal documents

  • Manuals and training materials

  • Marketing brochures and proposals

Scribendi offers high-quality editorial services for the following types of documents

We understand that companies and institutions have large volumes of written content, and our editorial services can help you stay on top of this mountain of material.