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Let's make every word count and elevate your website copy together by ensuring your website achieves its full potential. Website copy editing ensures your site is polished and professional. A skilled website copy editor brings fresh eyes and a keen sense of detail, transforming your content into clear, compelling messages. A copy editor can boost your site's readability by editing your text. Invest in professional editing to build credibility, engage your audience, and drive conversions. Ready to get started?

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Website Copy Editing Services: Elevate Your Website 

It's increasingly important that website content stands out amid all today's digital noise. With countless websites competing for attention, captivating and unique content is essential to differentiate yourself and leave a lasting impression. By crafting content that grabs attention and resonates with the audience, businesses can successfully engage users and drive meaningful interactions, ultimately enhancing their online presence and success. 
Effective web copy is key to crafting engaging online content. Our team specializes in refining your writing to captivate your audience and convey your message clearly. Our editors are dedicated to making your web content shine so that you can draw in readers and leave a lasting impression. 

Looking for Website Copy Editing Services? 

You've come to the right place. Working with a third party to edit your website can bring priceless benefits beyond grammar and style improvements.  

Scribendi editors will make recommendations on your copy, sales pitch, and calls to action, and they will edit for word choice, sentence structure, and organization. They will also provide constructive criticism and suggest ways to improve your web copy. By telling us the goal of your pages and providing some details on your audience, we can help you craft a more effective message. Don't leave your readers wondering what to do next. Let us step in and help you communicate your strengths. 

What types of web content do you edit? 

Discover the range of online content we carefully edit and revise:

  • Corporate blog posts 
  • Social media posts 
  • Web copy 
  • Sales copy 
  • Ad copy 

What will you receive? 

  • An edited webpage, blog post, or other piece of copy in which spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected 
  • Revisions and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability 
  • Tracked revisions so that you can review all the changes that have been made 
  • Suggestions and comments that will help you improve the writing and refine your message 
  • A summary of the work that has been done and any significant concerns 

What is the difference between Website Copy Editing and Website Proofreading? 

Do you need website proofreading or website copy editing services? The two services are very different. We can help you decide. 

Editing comes before proofreading in the writing process. Copy editing dives deeper into the content. This more in-depth web review homes in on the quality of writing, tone of voice, clarity, style, and structure. A website editor will fine-tune language, structure, and tone to ensure that your message is communicated effectively, keeping your target audience a priority every step of the way. Our website editing services encompass copy editing and proofreading, guaranteeing professional, error-free online content that enhances credibility and impact. 
Proofreading is different from editing. It involves reviewing a document or website for grammar, spelling, formatting, typos, and other errors. Proofreading is for final drafts of documents that have been edited at least once. 

Now that you know the difference, you can decide which service you need.  
If you need the final draft of your website reviewed before publishing, consider our website proofreading services. Like editing your web content, proofing your website involves correcting typos and improving overall readability. 

If you are searching for a more involved edit for professional documents, learn more about our dedicated Business Document Editing service. If you simply need proofreading for your business document, check out our business proofreading services to polish the final version. 

If you're writing a blog post, our Blog Editing services may suit you. Our editors will review your article, paying attention to readability and formatting for an online audience. 

There's nothing we can't proofread and edit for you! Our team of skilled editors and proofreaders have experience with all types of web copy. 

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Website Copy Editing FAQ  

Which website formats do you accept? 

We accept Word™ documents. If you haven't uploaded the content to your site yet, we can edit everything in Word. If your content is on the site, you can simply copy and paste the content into a Word document to be edited. 

How do I calculate my word count? 

Use our word count tool to determine your web pages' word count, or upload your document with the quote widget on this page. 

What is copy? 

Copy refers to the words on a website, on product packaging, within a script, or on advertisements—whether it's a print or digital ad.  

Copywriting is the crafting of those words. A piece of copy often urges readers to take a specific action, but copy can also be educational or informative, like a blog post.  

Copy editing is the process of reviewing and correcting writing to improve its accuracy and readability. 

Why choose Scribendi's Website Copy Editing services? 

The Scribendi team is a leader in editing services because we go above and beyond to provide quick, affordable, and professional web content editing.  

We also prioritize confidentiality by encrypting all uploads and downloads for secure file transfer. Our stringent privacy policies safeguard personal information, and we accommodate most file types. 

For corporate needs or large-scale projects, we're here to assist. Reach out or explore our corporate solutions page for further details.