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It can be difficult to get published in important English language journals, or to be accepted as a presenter at major conferences. Competition is fierce, and you want to win that all-important first-to-publish race.

Your submission deserves to be judged on merit, not rejected because of English language issues.

Our expert English editors will review your early draft, checking it for things like clarity, academic style, word choice, sentence structure, idiomatic expression, and consistency, to make sure you are expressing yourself clearly. The English editing service is designed to make you sound like a native English speaker.

We will also check it for spelling, grammar, and typographical errors, as well as common English-as-a-second-language problems, such as article usage, countable nouns, overuse of transitions, and much more.

  • You will receive a document with revisions clearly marked throughout the manuscript, as well as comments and suggestions indicating where further work may be required. You will be able to proceed with confidence to produce your final draft.
  • We can accept files in most major word processing formats, as well as PDFs. We have specialist editors from a wide variety of disciplines and more than 15 years of editing experience.
  • As with all of our services, your document will be secure, and your personal information kept private.
  • Using our English editing service is easy. Simply request a free, no-obligation quote below and order today!
  • Please note we do not write or compose papers for students, nor do we paraphrase.


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ESL Academic Editing (up to 1,500 words)
ESL Academic Editing (up to 3,500 words)
ESL Academic Editing (up to 4,000 words)
ESL Academic Editing (up to 8,000 words)
ESL Academic Editing (up to 16,000 words)
ESL Academic Editing (up to 24,000 words)
ESL Academic Editing (up to 56,000 words)
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