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Book Critique Services: Enhance Your Manuscript with Expert Feedback

Every author deserves an unbiased book critique for their hard work. While sharing your book with friends and family may earn you praise, only a professional critique can provide the honest and objective feedback needed to publish successfully. In an increasingly competitive market, the expert opinion of our seasoned writing professionals becomes indispensable. 

At Scribendi, our Book Critique services support you at every writing stage, offering expert advice on your initial draft. We deliver affordable, high-quality critiques that not only highlight your book's strengths and weaknesses but also contribute to your growth as a writer. After thoroughly reading your book, we conduct a systematic and detailed analysis, focusing on plot, characterization, dialogue, and other narrative elements for fiction, and support, organization, and prose clarity for nonfiction. 

Regardless of genre or length, we provide suggestions to enhance the salability of your work to your target audience. So, express your love and gratitude to Mom for her support, and then propel your writing journey forward by receiving actionable advice to improve your craft.

Why Choose Scribendi's Manuscript Critique Services?

We prioritize the security of your files, recognizing the effort you've invested in writing your book. Rest assured, our commitment to confidentiality and security is unwavering—we never claim copyright, and your personal information remains private. Supporting most major word-processing file types, our secure uploads and downloads are always encrypted for your peace of mind.

Our Book Critique Services are backed by a team of professional editors who have an average of 15 years of experience editing successful books across genres and formats. Your book is assigned to writers familiar with and passionate about your genre, ensuring constructive criticism that brings your story to life. Should you be pleased with a particular editor's work, you can request them for subsequent orders. In the event your requested editor is unavailable, rest assured that another qualified editor will complete your order promptly.

We value your feedback. If any concerns arise regarding your order, our quality assurance team guarantees adherence to rigorous quality standards through a meticulous process, ensuring consistently high-quality work with every critique.

Manuscript Critique Services: Happy Authors

Customer satisfaction is Scribendi's top priority. Authors from all around the world are happy with our services! Check out some of our author case studies:

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact our customer relationship specialists, who are available between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. EST.

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What will I receive with Scribendi's Book Critique Services?

  • An easy-to-follow critique of your book that is 1–2 pages in length (in a Microsoft Word™ file)
  • An assessment of the elements that might affect the salability of your book
  • An analysis of the key elements of your work, such as plot, dialogue, characterization, structure, coherence, consistency, and organization
  • Critical commentary indicating where arguments need more support, where the storyline or flow could be improved, where there are unfinished or contradictory thoughts, and more
  • Identification of what's not working in your book and any areas that could be improved

What types of writing qualify for a book critique?

  • Novels, novellas, and short stories
  • Plays and screenplays
  • Poems and collections of poetry
  • General nonfiction (memoirs, biographies, self-help, etc.)

Please note that this service does not include line-by-line editing. For in-depth editing, see Scribendi's Book Editing, Ebook Editing, and Script Editing services.

For proofreading, check out our Book Proofreading and Ebook Proofreading services. For authors, we also offer a Query Letter service and Ebook Formatting.

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Book Critique Services FAQ

What does the book critique service include?

Our Book Critique Services provide a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript. Our expert editors offer detailed feedback on story structure, character development, and overall narrative flow. With a focus on the big picture, our critique service ensures that your book will resonate with readers. From developmental editing to refining the finer details, we work closely with authors to enhance the strength of their fiction, whether it's a children's picture book or young adult fiction. Trust our critique service to provide valuable insights that will elevate your work and captivate your target audience.

Which is better: a manuscript critique service or editorial feedback?

Choosing between a manuscript critique service and editorial feedback depends on your needs. Our Book Critique Services encompass both, offering a holistic approach. Our expert editors delve into the big picture, providing developmental editing to enhance story and character development. This service caters to various genres, from picture books for children to young adult fiction. Whether you're an established author or a debut writer, our critique service, including detailed editorial feedback, is tailored to refine your work. Authors highly recommend our services for a comprehensive and effective approach to improving your manuscript.

What are the critics' qualifications?

Our book critics at Scribendi are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in providing top-notch Book Critique Services. Each critic is a skilled editor and writer, well versed in various genres, including fiction, picture books for children, and young adult fantasy. Their qualifications include expertise in the big picture elements of storytelling, such as character development and narrative flow. With a commitment to excellence, our book critics will ensure your work receives meticulous attention and constructive feedback, making Scribendi a highly recommended choice for authors seeking comprehensive and qualified Book Critique Services.

How long will it take to review my manuscript?

The timeline for completing a book critique at Scribendi depends on the specifics of your manuscript. Our dedicated Book Critique Services prioritize quality and thoroughness in evaluating your work. While we strive to provide efficient turnaround times, the duration may vary based on the complexity and length of your book. Rest assured, our experienced team of editors is committed to delivering a comprehensive critique, focusing on the big picture elements such as character development and narrative cohesion. Authors highly recommend our services for their effectiveness in refining fiction, picture books, and young adult fantasy manuscripts.