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A professional ebook formatter will go through your content line by line, ensuring consistency and that you meet the requirements for Amazon and Smashwords.

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Don't Worry about Formatting ... We Will Do It for You 

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Leave your ebook formatting to the experts! As an author, you want your ebook to look professional, and we take this job very seriously. Your ebook will have a dedicated formatter who will go line by line through your content to make sure that you have consistent spacing, font sizes, and headers.

Just submit your Word™ document, and our expert, human ebook formatters will do the rest. Some companies use ebook formatting software, which can miss things; at Scribendi, everything is done by hand by our professional ebook formatters. We will turn your Word document into a beautiful, professional-looking ebook and spare you the frustration of dealing with style guides and pre-formatting.

We strongly recommend that you have our experienced, professional editors provide a final proofread of your ebook to ensure that your content is grammatically correct before submitting your book to our Ebook Formatting service. The result will be an ebook in which both the content and formatting are professional, earning you great reviews.

What do you need to submit?

In order to ensure you get consistent, high-quality service, we do have a few requirements for ebook submission:

  • You must submit your own cover art.
  • You must submit a copyright page, title page, and license notes. Example of Front Matter.
  • You must submit a word processing document like a .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, or .rtf file. We cannot accept .pdf or .html files for this service.
  • You must specify if you want your ebook formatted to Kindle™ or Smashwords™.
  • If you are submitting images, you must submit separate .jpg files, even if the images are already in the document. Images can be uploaded separately or as a single .zip file that contains all the images.
  • We do not format bullet points, tables, or charts because they are not supported in all Kindle formats and ePub (Smashwords). Please ensure these are converted to body text before uploading your ebook.

What will you receive? 

  • We will supply you with a Word document that is formatted to the Smashwords guidelines (i.e., a "Meatgrinder ready" file).
  • We will supply you with a filtered HTML file and a formatted Word document that meet Amazon’s requirements. Once uploaded, Kindle; will convert the .html file to a MOBI/AZW file.
  • We will create a clickable table of contents for your document.
  • If you do not specify a style guide, we will use our in-house style guide. This will ensure consistency throughout your ebook.
Rest assured, your work is always secure, and uploads and downloads are safe and securely encrypted. Your personal information is kept strictly private. Put us to work! It's simple and easy. Just get an instant quote below and place your order today!

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