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Transform your manuscript into a professional masterpiece with our Ebook Formatting service. An expert ebook formatter can elevate your ebook into a visually stunning and well-formatted document that can be used on Amazon and Smashwords. Make sure your hard work pays off with a polished and visually appealing ebook that communicates your expertise.

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Make Your Ebook Look Professional

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Entrust your ebook formatting to our expert team! For authors seeking polished presentations of their books, we understand the importance of professional ebook formatting. Your ebook will be assigned a dedicated formatter who will meticulously review your manuscript for consistent spacing, font sizes, and headers. 

Simply submit your Word™ document, and our skilled, human ebook formatters will handle the rest. Unlike companies relying on ebook formatting software, we pride ourselves on the manual touch of our professional ebook formatters, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Let us transform your Word document into a stunning, professionally formatted ebook, saving you the frustration of dealing with style guides and pre-formatting. 

For a flawless finish, pair our ebook formatting with our established Ebook Editing service to ensure grammatical correctness. The result will be a professional ebook, both in content and formatting, earning you outstanding reviews.

Elevate Your Ebook with Expert Formatting

Here are the steps you can follow to prepare your ebook for publication:

  • Choose an ebook formatting service: Determine which services are designed to help authors articulate their vision. When placing an ebook formatting order, be sure to specify any formatting preferences, style elements, and unique requirements. This is a great opportunity for authors to share their ideas and expectations, ensuring a tailored approach to creating the best possible ebook.
  • Get expert ebook formatting: At Scribendi, our professional editors use cutting-edge technology for seamless conversion, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms, such as Kindle and ePub formats. Scribendi's ebook formatters ensure consistent font styles, spacing, and chapter headings according to your preferences. Their commitment to delivering the best quality allows them to meticulously craft ebooks that captivate readers while meeting industry standards.
  • Begin the ebook publishing process: After the formatting process is complete, the author receives their formatted ebook. Next, authors take on the publishing process with the ability to confidently launch their ebooks, knowing they have a professionally formatted, visually appealing product that will engage readers and stand out in the market.

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Why Choose Scribendi for Ebook Formatting?

Rely on our expertise for seamless ebook formatting. As an author, achieving a professional look for your ebook is crucial, and we approach this task with the utmost dedication. Your ebook will undergo a meticulous review by a dedicated formatter, ensuring consistent spacing, font sizes, and headers throughout the manuscript. 

At Scribendi, we take a personal approach to ebook formatting, avoiding the automated software used by some companies. Our professional ebook formatters meticulously handle each ebook by hand, sparing you the frustration of style guides and pre-formatting. 

We recommend Ebook Proofreading before submitting your work to our Ebook Formatting service. This guarantees not just expert formatting but also grammatical correctness, earning you outstanding reviews.

What do you need to submit for Ebook Formatting?

To ensure a consistently high-quality ebook formatting service, we have established specific submission requirements:

  • Cover art: Please submit your own cover art for a personalized touch.
  • Front matter: Provide a copyright page, title page, and license notes as an example of front matter.
  • Accepted formats: Submit your manuscript in a word processing format, such as .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, or .rtf. We cannot accept .pdf or .html files for this service.
  • Ebook platform: Specify whether you prefer to have your ebook formatted for Kindle™ or Smashwords™.
  • Image submission: For images, submit separate .jpg files, even if they are already embedded. Images can be uploaded individually or in a single .zip file.
  • Content formatting: Note that we do not format bullet points, tables, or charts, as these may not be universally supported in all Kindle formats and ePub (Smashwords). Please convert them to body text before uploading your ebook.

What will I receive with Ebook Formatting?

When you use our Ebook Formatting service, you'll benefit from the following:

  • A professionally formatted Word document tailored to meet Smashwords guidelines, ensuring that it's "Meatgrinder ready"
  • Delivery of a filtered HTML file and a formatted Word document that align with Amazon's requirements. Kindle will seamlessly convert the .html file to a MOBI/AZW file
  • Inclusion of a clickable table of contents for enhanced navigation within your document

If you haven't specified a style guide, we'll apply our in-house style guide to maintain consistency throughout your ebook.

If you are working on a book, please see our Book Critique, Book Editing, and Book Proofreading services. If you are writing a script, please see our Script Editing service.

Rest easy knowing your work is secure—our system ensures safe and encrypted uploads and downloads. Your personal information remains strictly private.
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Ebook Formatting Service FAQ

What is an ebook formatting service? 

An ebook formatting service is crucial for structuring your manuscript into a visually appealing and professionally formatted digital book, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices. Our comprehensive ebook formatting and cover design services cover every aspect, from meticulous adjustments to ensure consistent spacing and font sizes to header and layout optimization. Whether preparing for an ebook launch, print books, or Kindle format, our experts work on fixed layout and interior formatting, making your ebook ready for publishing.

What are the benefits of using an ebook formatting service?

Choosing an ebook formatting service offers numerous advantages for your publishing journey. It ensures a professional look for your ebook, enhancing reader satisfaction and garnering better reviews. This service can save valuable time and effort compared to manual work. Whether you're gearing up for an ebook launch or considering print books and Kindle format, our experts handle everything from fixed layout to meticulous adjustments in spacing, font sizes, and headers. Request a quote today and let our professional Ebook Formatting service elevate your manuscript.

How long does ebook formatting take?

The timeframe for ebook formatting hinges on the intricacy of your manuscript. Our commitment to a swift turnaround, coupled with transparent communication, ensures that you receive an estimated delivery date upon placing an order for our Ebook Formatting service. Trust us to balance meticulous work on the text, layout, and file while respecting your desired timeline.

How much does the Ebook Formatting service cost?

The pricing for our Ebook Formatting service is contingent upon the length and complexity of your digital book. To obtain an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific project, simply request a customized quote on our website. This personalized approach ensures that you only pay for the services your ebook requires, allowing for flexibility and transparency in budgeting. Whether your project involves intricate formatting, cover design, or interior adjustments, our pricing model is designed to provide a fair and tailored solution that aligns with your unique needs and requirements.