Thanks for the quick turnaround and changes/suggestions. I also appreciate receiving the editor's comments regarding the paper which gives me more confidence in turning in a quality project. I will continue to use your service for future papers.


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Don't let your important ideas get "lost in translation"

Your English-speaking audience can easily identify messages written by a non-native English writer, and unfortunately, many readers will dismiss your good ideas simply because they are not properly communicated.

Worse yet, many will find humor in your choice of words where none was intended or appropriate. Even if your writing is technically correct, it likely lacks the use of proper idioms, metaphors, and emphasis that would make you sound like a native English writer.

Our expert editors can revise your early draft for word choice, tone, style, sentence structure, and clarity. We can edit for a national English "voice," such as Canadian, US, Australian, or British, or give your project a cleaner international voice understandable to all English speakers.

English business editing will also take a first look at spelling, grammar, and typographical errors to get rid of all those distracting mistakes and allow you to focus on refining your message. offers complete confidentiality, so you don't have to worry about getting help with sensitive business documents. We offer secure, encrypted uploads and downloads to our service, and we also abide by some very strict privacy policies.

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