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Elevate your manuscript's potential with our expert Query Letter services. Our skilled editors specialize in crafting compelling query letters, ensuring your book captivates literary agents and stands out in the competitive world of publishing.

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Expert Query Letter Services

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In the competitive world of publishing, a well-crafted query letter is crucial. Our professionals excel at providing top-notch query letter services, offering expertise in writing, editing, and crafting persuasive arguments for your book. 

We understand the intricacies of literary agents, publishers, and studio executives, ensuring your query stands out with the right structure, form, and level of detail. 

Let our skilled writers take the lead, presenting your latest masterpiece in a way that commands attention and serious consideration in the realm of creative writing and publishing.

Craft Compelling Query Letters for Your Book

Discover the simplicity of partnering with Scribendi for your query letter services needs. Our seasoned team, with over a decade of experience in fiction and nonfiction across diverse genres and formats, is adept at handling various word-processing file types, including the secure processing of PDFs. 

Your manuscript is in safe hands with our secure server and stringent confidentiality policies. To get started, easily generate a free quote below, and entrust us with the refinement of your literary work. We will ensure your query letter resonates with agents and publishers in the competitive world of creative writing and publishing.

What Is a Query Letter?

A query letter is a crucial tool for an author seeking representation from a literary agent or a publisher. This concise document, usually one page long, serves as an introduction and pitches a writer's work to potential representatives. It typically includes a brief synopsis of the manuscript, details about the author's background, and a compelling hook to grab the agent's attention.

Authors often spend a significant amount of time carefully crafting their query letters because this initial communication can make or break their opportunity for representation. Literary agents, acting as intermediaries between authors and publishers, play a pivotal role in getting fiction books into the hands of the right publishers. An effective query letter not only showcases a writer's talent and the uniqueness of their story but also demonstrates an understanding of the market and the target audience.

Constructing a compelling query letter can help an author secure valuable feedback on their work, refine their pitch, and potentially receive an offer of representation. Agents, with their industry expertise, can provide insights that contribute to the overall success of a writer's career. In the competitive world of publishing, a well-crafted query letter is the first step towards getting a foot in the door and making a positive impression on agents who read countless submissions.

Why Choose Scribendi's Query Letter Services?

Your manuscript's security is our top priority, as we acknowledge the dedication you've poured into your book. Our unwavering commitment to confidentiality means we never assert copyright claims, and your personal details remain confidential. Supporting a wide range of word-processing file types, our secure uploads and downloads are consistently encrypted for your peace of mind.

Our team of professional editors backs our manuscript critique services, bringing an average of 15 years of experience in editing successful books across various genres and formats. Your book is entrusted to editors who are not only well-versed in your genre but also passionate about it, ensuring constructive criticism that breathes life into your story. If you find a specific editor's work satisfying, you can request them for subsequent orders. In case your preferred editor is unavailable, be assured that another qualified editor will promptly complete your order.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. If any concerns surface about your order, our quality assurance team guarantees adherence to rigorous standards through a meticulous process, ensuring consistently high-quality work with every critique.

What will I receive with Query Letter services?

  • A query letter that follows industry standards so you can pitch and sell both you and your book to prospective agents, editors, and publishers
  • An introduction to you as an author as well as a short, intriguing summary of your book that will entice your audience to read more

What types of writing qualify for Query Letter services?

  • Novels, novellas, and short stories
  • Plays and screenplays
  • Poems and collections of poetry
  • General nonfiction (memoirs, biographies, self-help, etc.)

Please note that this service does not include line-by-line editing. However, if you do need in-depth revisions of style, typos, inconsistencies, and spelling and grammar errors, you're in luck! Scribendi's Book Editing, Ebook Editing, and Script Editing services provide all of this and more.

For proofreading, please see our Book Proofreading and Ebook Proofreading services. For authors, we also offer Book Critique and Ebook Formatting services.

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Query Letter Services FAQ

Can I pay someone to write my query letter? 

Certainly! Our professional Query Letter services cater to writers seeking expert assistance in query letter writing, editing, and book proposals. With a team of skilled writers and editors specializing in fiction and creative writing, we ensure your query letters captivate literary agents and publishers. Trust our Query Letter services to enhance your book's potential for successful representation in the competitive literary market.

Who writes a query letter? 

Our dedicated team that offers query letter services comprises skilled writers adept at crafting compelling and effective query letters. We understand the intricacies of the querying process and tailor each letter to showcase your manuscript's strengths. Whether you're a seasoned writer or new to the querying game, our Query Letter services ensure a polished and professional representation of your work, maximizing your chances of capturing literary agent attention.

Do query letters work? 

Our Query Letter services are designed to maximize your chances of success. A well-crafted query letter is a powerful tool in securing literary agent interest. Our experienced team understands the dynamics of the industry, ensuring that your query letter effectively communicates your book's essence. Countless authors have found success through our Query Letter services, with many securing representation and book deals.

How do you write a killer query letter? 

Crafting a stellar query is an art, and our Query Letter services specialize in refining every aspect. Our expert writers tailor compelling query letters that showcase your book's strengths, ensuring they stand out in the competitive literary landscape. With a keen focus on effective writing, editing, and synopses, our comprehensive Query Letter services provide the necessary edge. From precise word counts to captivating writing, our services cover the entire spectrum of elements crucial for a successful query in the world of creative writing and publishing.