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Catherine Nabukalu awarded $1,000 scholarship for outstanding community involvement

Community Leadership Scholarship Winner Being a student is tough. Students must balance a rigorous academic schedule, a lively social calendar, and countless extracurricular activities while still getting at least enough sleep to make it through the next day. So when a student also makes time to serve others in her community, she ought to be celebrated. That's why Scribendi is pleased to announce that Catherine Nabukalu has been selected as the winner of its Community Leadership Scholarship.

A student at the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Nabukalu's passion lies in environmental preservation. She dreams of "making the world habitable for generations," and she has been involved in a number of initiatives to help make this dream a reality. One such initiative involved the purchase and donation of 250,000 trees to 10,000 schools in an effort to amend some of the damage caused by widespread deforestation in the area and to provide much-needed shade to students.

To ensure the continued success of the project, Ms. Nabukalu planted a model forest and mobilized others in the community to support and uphold the cause. Her work also raised environmental awareness and inspired involvement among children in the community, instilling a passion for the environment into younger generations.

According to Ms. Nabukalu, receiving Scribendi's Community Leadership Scholarship has inspired her "to continue working for success in [her] personal life, to lead teams, and to work towards community development today and in the future."

Scribendi would like to extend sincere congratulations to Ms. Nabukalu for her dedication to her local and global community, and to all those who applied for the 2015 Scribendi Community Leadership Scholarship.

Scribendi will continue to partner with students who serve their communities, as the company is now accepting applications for its first 2016 Scribendi Community Leadership Scholarship, which closes June 30, 2016. This $1,000 prize is open to all students who are actively making a difference in their local communities.

If you're a student who loves to volunteer, apply here by submitting your full contact details and a 150-word essay detailing the nature of your community involvement.


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