Scribendi Scholarship Application

Scribendi Community Leadership Scholarship

Scribendi Is Proud to Sponsor the Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship Awards of the YMCA's Celebration of Youth!

Update: Applications are closed. Thank you!

Attention, local youth! If you live in Chatham-Kent, are between the ages of 17 and 20 years, and are planning to pursue post-secondary education in the next two years, then you might qualify for the YMCA's Celebration of Youth Awards.

The Celebration of Youth Awards recognize outstanding local youth whose achievements have made positive change in the community. The award categories include everything from agriculture and environment to arts and culture, creative writing, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, science and technology, and much, much more.

Scribendi will sponsor the Creative Writing Award, which will be granted to a student whose creative writing exemplifies their insatiable urge to write, as well as the Entrepreneurship Award, which will be granted to a student who wishes to follow a non-traditional career path and who shows great promise as an entrepreneur.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is fill out an application by midnight of April 7, 2019, after which there will be an interview process. This celebration focuses on one's values, leadership, and community impact, instead of concentrating on one's academic achievements. If you have a proclivity for any of the identified fields and your accomplishments have enriched others' lives, this is your chance to win $1,000 during a public celebration hosted by the YMCA and its sponsors, including Scribendi.

Don't get the wrong idea: your contributions to the community are inherently valuable far beyond any financial recognition . . . though we bet it won't hurt to ditch living off ramen noodles and peanut butter, right? So, what are you waiting for? Apply today, and you might just be rewarded for all of your hard work.

Ready? Get set . . . Write!

Celebration of Youth Awards

As noted on the YMCA's website, the committee will consider the following elements when reviewing applications:

1. Applications will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Recognition: Both peers and community members readily recognize the candidate as having reached a high level of accomplishment in the identified field. Any recognition achieved beyond the local community should be included.
  • Contribution to Others: There is a clear demonstration that the candidate has enriched the lives of others as a result of his/her contact.
  • Other: Unique accomplishments or characteristics not identified in other sections of the application.

2. How the winners are selected:

  • The selection committee will review each nomination form, as well as the other supporting documents.
  • All applications will be considered confidential.
  • Selected candidates will be interviewed, and specific aspects listed under each award will be addressed during the interview.
  • Short-listing may occur in categories with a large number of applicants.
  • All candidates will be contacted regarding the status of their application in April 2019.
  • The decision of the selection committee will be final.

3. Terms and conditions:

  • Applicants must be planning on pursuing post-secondary education within two years of application submission deadline.
  • Applicants must agree to allow the YMCA to publicize the recipients in the media or other forms as deemed proper and necessary by the YMCA.
  • Applicants must agree that the recipient of an award will, upon request from the YMCA, attend public events related to the award.
  • Recipients will be asked to attend the YMCA's Celebration of Youth Awards Presentation, at which time the recipient will be officially and publicly recognized.
  • Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of The Education Act and the Freedom of Information Act and will be used to determine the appropriate recipients of the awards. Questions about this collection of personal information should be directed to the Financial Development Officer at 519-336-9622 x228.
  • By submitting the application each candidate acknowledges and accepts the right of the COY selection committee to confirm details of transcripts and letters of reference with their sources.