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Earn cash by referring friends

A Affiliate sharing information about the editing and proofreading company.
A Affiliate referred her friends
to us to earn extra money!, the leading online editing and proofreading company, has launched a new affiliate program that rewards the company’s followers, supporters, and clients with money when they refer friends to the company. It’s that simple: if someone refers a new client to Scribendi, this person will receive a generous commission.

"When I tell people where I work and what we do, they often say ‘I wish I had known about Scribendi when I was at university,'" explains Vice-President Terence Johnson. "Our Campus Ambassadors will help students discover and benefit from our services."

The affiliate program helps spread brand awareness among communities, universities, cities, businesses, and industries, allowing people who already trust the service provider to refer colleagues, friends, and family members. It's a win-win scenario because it's based solely on the provision of quality, reliable services and the happy supporters of these services who spread the word.

"’s affiliate program is a fantastic way to refer your friends and colleagues to a trusted professional editing and proofreading service, and you can receive financial incentives for doing so," says VP of Operations Samantha Russell. has partnered with Ambassador to provide affiliates with trusted, third-party tracking and payment processing. All the affiliate has to do is sign up for the program and share a unique link within their community of friends and followers. The more people who use’s services, the more money the affiliate makes. Affiliate Program Update

We have decided to end our affiliate program. Please check out numerous other partnership opportunities and get in touch with us today!


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