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The Nanowrimo Survival Guide: How to Prep, Write, and Polish

Written by Scribendi

It's Time to Start Your Nanowrimo Prep

Participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a rite of passage for many authors.

Not only does NaNoWriMo help aspiring authors transition from thinking about writing to actually writing, but it also introduces them to a writing community that becomes invaluable during the challenge and beyond.

That being said, writing 50,000 words in one month is no easy task, even for the most experienced writer. That's why we want to contribute our research and expertise to the writing community in the form of this NaNoWriMo writing guide.

The guide will walk you through the NaNoWriMo process—from outlining, to overcoming writer's block, to developing your characters—and it will offer resources you can reference even after the challenge is over.

Happy writing!

Our NaNoWriMo Survival Guide

Before You Write

Beating Writer's Block and Finding Inspiration

Writing Tutorials: Characters

Writing Tutorials: Plot

Writing Tips and Tricks

After You Write: Editing and Publishing

Closing Remarks

With the above links, you should have all you need not just to survive NaNoWriMo season, but to emerge with a completed book and increased confidence in your writing skills.

Once you're ready to start polishing that book, we'll be here with our team of professional editors and proofreaders. Scribendi's team has been helping writers strengthen their voices and refine their work for well over two decades.

We're excited to see what the latest crop of writers will bring. 



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