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Tree planted for every ticket sold

Annie Chamberlain stands with Kelly Johnson at the 2nd annual Ultimate Me Day
Annie Chamberlain,'s Marketing
and Sales Assistant, stands with Kelly Johnson
from the LTVCA at the 2nd annual
Ultimate Me Day

Leading online editing and proofreading company sponsored Ultimate Me Day, a community event that sets out to gather women together to build a strong community of support, camaraderie, and entrepreneurship as well as to vitalize the Chatham-Kent community., which is also dedicated to environmental sustainability initiatives that curb global climate change and engage the local community, has committed to plant a tree for every ticket sold to this event.

"Ultimate Me Day is about fun, connection, and inspiration. We are inspired by the leadership of in greening our community," said Organizing Committee Chair Maureen D. Geddes. "A tree planted for every person who attends our event is a win-win-win situation: each person contributes just by being there and having a tree planted in their honor and it benefits the health of the Chatham-Kent community. We hope the idea catches on!"

Both locally situated and global in its focus, the editing and proofreading team is passionate about the Chatham-Kent community as well as preserving the environment. Since its inception in 1997, has partnered with numerous companies over the past 10 years to support impactful greening initiatives and is excited to participate in another.

"We are thrilled to be involved with such a great community event and to be able to plant trees throughout Chatham for every ticket sold," said Karen Ashford, Marketing Manager. "Our staff feel passionately about greening initiatives in our community and want to be able to enjoy our beautiful parks with their families."

The team believes that it takes a community working together to ensure successful tree plantings and is grateful to the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) for suggesting the location and sourcing the appropriate native trees and to the Chatham Horticultural Society for providing the volunteers.


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