Automated Proofreading for Books
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Welcome to our cutting-edge automated proofreading service, where we redefine the standards of error-free writing. Remove grammar, spelling, and style errors and ensure top-notch quality for your book.

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Every writer understands the challenges of proofreading their own work, and this becomes even more daunting when dealing with a book-length draft. Our automated proofreading tool streamlines the proofreading process, serving as the ideal solution for authors seeking error-free text using a quality automated proofread.

Once your book undergoes automated proofreading, take advantage of a 20% discount when opting to resubmit it for a final edit by one of our expert human proofreaders, meticulous inspection beyond the capabilities of automated tools.

Scribendi AI distinguishes itself prominently in the crowded landscape of language editing tools due to its unparalleled combination of advanced artificial intelligence and human expertise. Unlike many other tools on the market that heavily rely on algorithms alone, Scribendi AI employs a hybrid approach that integrates the efficiency of machine learning with the nuanced understanding and creative insights of human editors. This fusion not only ensures a high level of accuracy in grammar and syntax correction but also addresses the subtleties of language, maintaining the natural flow and tone of the original user-generated content.

Automated Proofreading for Books

Scribendi AI surpasses its competitors with its commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation. The platform leverages machine learning algorithms that learn and evolve based on user feedback and emerging linguistic trends. This dynamic responsiveness allows Scribendi AI to stay ahead of the curve, adapting to the evolving nuances of language and maintaining its position as the best choice for digital writing tools. In contrast, other systems may become stagnant or struggle to keep pace with language evolution, resulting in less effective and outdated editing capabilities.

Scribendi AI's innovative approach, combining artificial intelligence and human expertise, ensures accurate character recognition and processing. This system is designed to read and correct a wide array of documents, promoting user control over the editing process. The platform's compliance with industry standards and its commitment to ensuring accuracy in processing make it a standout choice for those seeking the best digital writing tool on the market. 

What are the advantages of automated proofreading?

  • By utilizing Scribendi's AI tool for automated proofreading, you can skip the initial laborious proofread, allowing you to concentrate on making significant structural enhancements to your book. 
  • Automated proofreading, offered at a more budget-friendly rate compared to human expert proofreading, renders the service highly economical for extensive book projects.
  • Should you desire the expertise of a professional Scribendi editor for your book, enjoy a 20% discount on our standard editing rate for any document previously processed through our automated service. While our automated tool adeptly addresses major grammar, spelling, and syntax errors, a human editor is the next step to evaluate argument strength, suggest structural changes, provide word choice recommendations, and deliver other invaluable feedback.

What will you receive with automated proofreading?

  • For each file submitted through our automated proofreading service, you'll receive a comprehensive report featuring tracked revisions. This detailed document highlights all the changes made, providing a transparent overview of the proofreading process and showcasing the enhancements made to your writing.

What types of documents can be proofread using automated proofreading?

  • Novels, novellas, and short story collections
  • General nonfiction (memoirs, biographies, self-help books, etc.)

Please note that our automated tool can currently only be used on Microsoft Word files. If you would like book proofreading on another file type, such as a PDF, please see our Book Proofreading, Ebook Proofreading, and Ebook Formatting services.

For editing services and critiques, please see our Book Editing, Ebook Editing, Script Editing, and Book Critique services.

Scribendi is committed to protecting and respecting your data privacy, and we'll only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you've requested from us.

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Automated Book Proofreading (up to 400,000 words)

Automated Proofreading FAQ

What are the benefits of automated proofreading? 

Automated proofreading provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing the quality of your writing, efficiently correcting grammar, spelling, and style errors. Automated proofreading ensures a meticulous review, rivaling manual proofreading processes. This is a versatile solution for writers, offering a quick and reliable essay checker. Elevate your writing with cutting-edge proofreading tools, enjoying the benefits of error-free, high-quality text.

How much does automated proofreading cost?

Scribendi's automated proofreading service offers competitive pricing tailored to your needs. Our cost-effective plans ensure access to cutting-edge grammar and spelling checks, enhancing the quality of your writing. With flexible options, you can choose a turnaround time that aligns with your budget and word count while receiving the benefits of error-free content. Scribendi's commitment to providing top-notch automated proofreading makes it a valuable investment for elevating your text. Explore our pricing details to discover an affordable solution for superior proofreading, setting your writing on a path to excellence.

Can I get a discount for human editing after proofreading?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount on our standard editing rate for any document that has already been run through our automated service. This can help you achieve quality human editing after automated proofreading.