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Rafael Vazquez awarded $1,000 scholarship for outstanding community leadership

Rafael Vazquez

For a student, it's difficult to make time to contribute to the community while juggling academics, extracurricular activities, and social events. It's also difficult to keep up financially.

For these reasons, Scribendi is pleased to provide a scholarship to students who not only make time to contribute to their communities but also pave a path for others to follow suit. Rafael Vazquez, a student at Arizona State University, is a prime example of this, and we are pleased to announce that he has been awarded the Scribendi Community Leadership Scholarship of summer 2017.

Mr. Vazquez is earning his graduate certificate in institutional research and policy analysis and is also a teacher who is passionate about racial justice. He helps provide teachers of diverse cultural backgrounds with volunteer opportunities to give workshops to Phoenix students lacking college access. In addition, Mr. Vazquez has created a network of support for teachers of color through WokePhoenix.

"When a leader can build learning among all people involved, ownership and trust [are] created," Mr. Vazquez notes. "This distributed leadership, like harvested seeds, bears fruit in the form of millions of dollars earned in scholarships, hundreds of college acceptances, teachers feeling supported, [and] families advocating for their children." In his efforts, Mr. Vazquez exemplifies the reciprocal nature of living in a community: when members give back to their community, the community is able to thrive and better support its members.

As such, Scribendi would like to give thanks to Mr. Vazquez for his work as a community leader and to all those who applied for the Scribendi Community Leadership Scholarship this summer. Their hard work is what truly helps communities flourish.

Scribendi is now accepting applications for our winter 2017 scholarship. Apply here today, and be sure to follow Scribendi on Facebook and Twitter for updates on future scholarship opportunities and more.


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