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Editing plugin changes how blog writers connect to professional editors

August 26, 2011

A screenshot of the WordPress Plugin.
The editing and proofreading
WordPress Plugin makes blog editing easier. has launched an editing and proofreading WordPress Plugin that allows blog posts to be seamlessly edited before you hit the publish button. Blog writers can simply download the plugin and submit their documents to be edited by our professional editors in as little as four hours.

"We're thrilled to be able to launch this plugin, as we've always wanted to be able to reach out to bloggers and provide a fast, easy way for them to get their blog posts revised," said Chandra Clarke, President of "The plugin, and the dedicated blog editing and proofreading service, provide a way to do that."

We've tightly integrated our system into the WordPress dashboard, and invested weeks of development and testing into making our services easy to access without leaving your own site. Our WordPress plugin gets you a firm quote in seconds, securely places your order, and even automatically picks up the completed order for you. Then it shows you all of our suggested corrections right inside your WordPress revision history, so you get the full benefit of professional editorial support while retaining complete creative control.

"As blog writing and self-publishing continues to grow in popularity, we have to be innovative and create new ways for clients to easily access our services," said Clarke. "The document revision industry has changed, and we are leaders in revolutionizing this industry."

We understand that blogs represent the writer, or the company that endorses it, and any errors can detract from the content and damage credibility. Our WordPress Plugin eliminates errors and ensures that all blog posts receive attention for the right reasons—not for grammatical or spelling errors that have gone viral.

Our editing plugin allows blog writers to have their posts professionally edited on the fly. We have changed the way writers can connect to editors, making editing more accessible to writers using the Internet.

Our WordPress Plugin connects to our blog editing services.


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