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Looking for resources for writers to reduce the cost of publishing a book? 

There's no doubt that book costs associated with preparing your book for publication can be high. 

In each step of the writing journey, from editing to formatting to submitting to publishing your book, your book preparation can come with associated costs. You have to choose reliable, useful resources that will save you money throughout the publication process. 

No need to fret! Here are the best resources for writers looking to decrease the cost of publishing:

  1. The Writer's Craft 4.0 stack

  2. Scribendi's Query Package Creation Service


  4. Scribendi's Free Sample Service for Book Manuscripts

These resources range from free services to package deals that secure you bonus ebooks and discounted author services, such as query package creation, book critique, and book proofreading services.

Cost-saving solutions are just a scroll away.


1. The Writer's Craft 4.0 Stack

The #1 writing bundle to reduce the cost of publishing is the Writer's Craft 4.0 stack. Infostack's "stacks" include bundles of resources for writers.

The Writer's Craft 4.0 stack includes writing software, apps, guides, courses, ebooks, and exclusive discounts. All of this can help lower the cost of publishing a book.

In the stack, Scribendi offers a 10% discount off its Book Critique service.

Tip: Scribendi's book critiques allow authors to obtain objective feedback on their book's prospects, as well as valuable advice on how to improve it, from professional editors with the proper education and experience.

In addition, if you take advantage of this offer, you will get a 20% discount off Scribendi's Book Proofreading service for even further reduced book costs. 

On top of the discounts, Scribendi provides a free ebook to help writers hone their craft. 

Summary of Cost Savings

If you're looking to decrease your book costs, stacks can't be beat. It's just $49.00 USD for the entire Writer's Craft 4.0 stack, which includes resources for writers from over 40 contributors.

Consider this: the Scribendi offer included in the stack is worth $451.82 USD alone, making these savings unrivaled in terms of reducing the ultimate cost of publishing a book.

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2. Scribendi's Query Package Creation Service

Lessen the cost of publishing a book with Scribendi's Query Package Creation service.

Offering the creation of your query letter, synopsis, and outline, this service is designed to help authors reduce the costs associated with book preparation.

Only a professional editor can ensure that your query letter follows the conventions that agents expect when they receive a manuscript. Only submitting your query in its best form will ensure agents consider it fairly. This is a valuable resource for writers, indeed.

Summary of Cost Savings

This bundle service brings down the cost of publishing a book by offering the best value for the 3 important documents that you need while querying:

  • A query letter will help to sell both you and your book to prospective agents, editors, and publishers, introducing you and providing a short, intriguing summary of your book that will entice them to read more.

  • A synopsis will offer a slightly longer and more comprehensive summary of your project with just the right mix of teasers and details.

  • An outline will provide a more detailed summary (chapter by chapter), highlighting the key elements (e.g., plot points, characters, actions, and ideas).

Scribendi's Query Package Creation service bundles the creation of these three documents, allowing you to lower the cost of publishing. 


3. is "the internet's largest free database of literary agents."

This resource for writers is searchable and free: a winwin! There's no better way to reduce book costs than with free services.

More importantly, the site is reputable and lists established agents actively seeking writers like you. 

Summary of Cost Savings proves that the cost of publishing a book does not have to be high. As its founders note,

"Publication is not a dream. Extraordinary stories written by ordinary people are sold every day to major publishing houses. Literary agents make these sales a reality."

Reducing the time you spend researching and cross-checking agents' information also reduces your cost of publishing and saves you time for doing more of what you love (writing). 


4. Scribendi's Free Sample Service for Book Manuscripts

Trying a service for free before you commit to purchasing is an excellent way to lower your book costs. Scribendi offers 500 words of free editing on books so authors can try before they buy.

Not only do you get a Free Sample (Score!), but you also have the chance to see how an editor will handle your book. This can also help you subtract from your cost of publishing down the road if, for example, you find that you and your editor aren't a good match.

If you do love your editor (we know you will), you can request to work with them on your full book.

This free service comes with no obligations, so you can try this resource for writers not only completely cost free but also completely risk free. 

Summary of Cost Savings

Reducing book costs with free services is an excellent way to reduce the cost of publishing a book. 

At Scribendi, the value of 1,000 words of Book Editing is $31.52 USD for a 1-week turnaround, but you can get 500 words edited for free using the Free Sample service, making it an excellent cost-saving resource for writers.


Don't let the cost of publishing a book keep you from your publication goals. You can curb your publishing costs with these resources for writers:

  1. The Writer's Craft 4.0 stack

  2. Scribendi's Query Package Creation Service


  4. Scribendi's Free Sample Service for Book Manuscripts

With these resources for writers, free services, and exclusive discounts, book cost savings are inevitable.

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