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Patricia Riopel, President of Scribendi Inc., is announced as WEtech’s Woman in Tech of the Year 2021, presented by TekSavvy, for technological achievements.

Chatham, Ontario, March 24, 2021: President of Scribendi Inc., Patricia Riopel, secures the 2021 WEtech Woman in Tech of the Year award, presented by TekSavvy. This award recognizes, celebrates, and makes visible the achievements of women with a clear passion for technology.

Riopel was chosen through public and panel voting to receive this year’s award in recognition of her leadership of Scribendi Inc., a English-language editing and proofreading company that has been listed on the Growth 500 for the past eight consecutive years, and tech company Scribendi AI.

The tools developed by Scribendi AI work to deliver better, more consistent editing and proofreading services for Scribendi clients. One such technology is the Scribendi Accelerator, the most advanced grammatical error correction tool today.

"Recognitions like these help to combat unconscious biases about women leading in technology fields," says Riopel. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to showcase the word-class natural language processing tools my team developed right here in Chatham-Kent."

Riopel has been driving technological innovation at Scribendi Inc. since 2017. Alongside CEO Enrico Magnani, she continues Scribendi’s 23-year pursuit to help writers achieve their goals through high-quality editing and proofreading services.

Riopel’s emphasis on the in-house development of proprietary technologies has allowed Scribendi to stay ahead of the curve in a traditionally paper-based field undergoing rapid digitalization.

Scribendi’s equal-opportunity mindset has also allowed the company to play its part in transforming the traditionally male-dominated fields of editing and tech, ensuring that both women and men make key business decisions that drive innovation.

"At Scribendi, we have a balanced workforce with a leadership team that is more than 50% women," says Riopel. "We are not just woman-owned, but women-led."

Scribendi has been on the List of Best Workplaces™ Managed by Women for the past two years. Riopel’s work has been recognized at the federal level, having received grants from the Women Entrepreneurship Fund and the National Research Council of Canada for the international promotion of Scribendi Inc. and Scribendi AI’s proprietary technologies.

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