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Fun, witty ebook on grammar released to the public

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In a digital world, where spell check and acronyms characterize the average person’s writing, hopes to reinforce the value of good grammar with The Good Grammar Manifesto.

The Good Grammar Manifesto, an ebook written by, makes valuable arguments toward using good grammar in the twenty-first century.

"Many a pundit has suggested that writing is a lost art, and grammar, a thing of the past," said Chandra Clarke, President of "At, we believe no such thing. Indeed, between email, text, Twitter, and blogging, the ability to communicate in writing has never been more important. This manifesto demonstrates why."

Wanting to appear professional and ensure you are understood has become even more important with social media platforms such as Facebook providing people with the opportunity to write on a more regular basis than ever before. Spell check and grammar check tools on programs such as Microsoft Word are not as exact as many people may think, and poor grammar in an important document could distract your reader from obtaining a clear message.

"Businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity every year due to miscommunication," said Clarke. "Or worse, they lose or frustrate customers because their marketing or user manuals are confusing. Good writing is key to eliminating that waste."

By tackling grammar in an intriguing way that also emphasizes its relevance in current times, The Good Grammar Manifesto attempts to fight grammar injustice and ambiguity worldwide and promote’s status as a leader in the editing and proofreading industry.

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