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Our Editors' Favorite Writing Websites, Online Book Clubs, and Book Blogs

Written by Katrina Hesman

Take Some Time to Relax and Enjoy the Arts

These days, many of us are finding ourselves with a lot more time on our hands and nowhere to go.

As the world continues to weather COVID-19, the arts and the internet have been crucial resources in battling the monotony of social isolation. Whether it's through chatting online with friends over Zoom, tuning into a virtual paint night, or taking a class online, the internet can be a tool for finding social connections and achieving personal growth. And since many of us are stuck at home, what better time is there to learn something new or hone our writing and editing skills?

Whether you're a writer or you're just really into the literary scene (like us), you'll appreciate this bundle of resources that we've put together listing helpful writing websites, fun online book clubs, and must-read book blogs. Whether you want to stay informed about literary awards and book publishing or you just want to connect with other book lovers over some good prose, these resources have everything you need.

Visit Editor-Approved Writing Websites

In any craft, it is important to hone your skills and knowledge. The internet contains a wealth of information, and all you need to know is where to look. This article offers a virtual writer's toolkit that outlines 30 writing websites and categorizes them according to the type of writing they are helpful for: creative writing advice, writer's lifestyle, marketing/blogging, publishing, and writing inspiration/prompts. These websites can help you find ways to stay informed and guide you toward your goals.

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Join One of Our Favorite Online Book Clubs

An online book club is an excellent way to connect with like-minded readers and enjoy literature. This article provides several examples of online book clubs that cover different genres and cater to different types of meetings. As a writer, it is important to explore different material and dialogue with other writers and readers. If time and location are factors that keep you from joining a local book club, online resources are the perfect fit for you.

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Stay Up-to-date with These Book Blogs

If you're interested in the publishing process, book ratings, and literary criticism, it is important to keep up with current book-related news. This article lists 20 of the best book blogs to read. They include a wide variety of blogs featuring different types of literary news, from the literary-media-related posts of Bustle Books to the literary award news from Quillblog. Whether you're trying to keep on top of recent literary trends or just looking for a good series to dig into, these blogs will help you find what you're looking for and will present it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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Check out Some of History's Most Famous Writing Squads

In any craft—especially writing and editing—community is everything. Although writing is not generally a social activity, having a community to bounce ideas off of and learn from is essential to honing your craft and producing your best work. Are you looking for a group that is #squadgoals? Well, this article compiles a list of dedicated writing groups throughout history, along with their modern-day counterparts. It is the perfect combination of intriguing literary history with a modern literary connection. Reading about these groups may give you an idea about the kind of literary community you need to surround yourself with to accomplish your goals.

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We hope you've enjoyed this collection of helpful articles. Our aim is to provide our readers with as much information as possible to help them achieve their writing goals. There is a reason these articles emphasize skills and community development: you cannot be successful in the literary world without both. That being said, once your skills are honed and your work is ready for a fresh set of eyes, don't forget that Scribendi offers editing and proofreading services that help turn good work into great work.



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