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The 20 Best Book Blogs to Read in 2020

Written by Scribendi

Updated in February 2020 to reflect the best book blogs currently online.

If you're anything like us, then your passion for reading and writing doesn't end with the novels on your shelf or the scrawls in your notebook—you're always interested in what's going on in the literary world, from the latest publishing news to interviews with authors and writing advice columns.

Does this sound like you? If so, look no further; we have compiled a list of the 20 best book blogs to follow in 2020. The blogs below specialize in genres and topics of all sorts, and there is sure to be something on this list for every kind of book enthusiast. Without further ado, check out Scribendi's updated list of the 20 best book blogs to follow in 2020!

1. The Amazon Book Review

Check out the Amazon Book Review for everything that a book lover could ask for: spotlights on a variety of genres, celebrity book picks, and author interviews, all organized within a bright, easy-to-navigate book blog. Peruse "best of" lists, book reviews, and celebrity picks to stay up to date on the latest word in the literary sphere.

2. John Pistelli

A professor at the University of Minnesota, blogger John Pistelli holds a PhD in English literature; he has published several works of fiction and poetry, including a novel (Portraits and Ashes). The thoughtful, artful articles and musings he shares with his followers aren't driven by hot topics or current events—they are anchored by his personal interests in classic and contemporary fiction. This book review blog features poetry, drama, and nonfiction, along with works of various other genres. Readers can look forward to approximately one new review per week.

3. Bustle Books

Offering a take on the literary world centered around millennial women, Bustle Books' poignant think pieces and spotlight on the unexpected influences of fanfiction provide a unique and meaningful perspective on the written word that will particularly speak to writing enthusiasts who grew up alongside the internet.

4.  From First Page to Last

From First Page to Last is a colorful blog that spotlights books, authors, and publishers of all genres. You can search for reviews by reviewer or book title. If you enjoy getting the inside scoop on the makings and thoughts behind a novel, this is the blog for you!

5. A Life in Books

Blogger Susan Osborne has done it all—she has worked in book sales, as a writer, and as a magazine editor. As she puts it, her aims are to "select snippets of book news that interest [her], talk about some of the books [she's] just read and alert readers to titles that might not find themselves in the glare of the publicity spotlight." Look to this blog for topical book news, thoughtful reviews, lovingly selected recommendations, and other musings of a woman happily mired in the world of literature.

6. The Guardian's Books Blog

Dive into the Guardian's Books Blog to discover a variety of engrossing articles on the books we know and love and their effects on us, as well as readings into lesser-known works that deserve more attention. Community interaction and commentary is encouraged; come here to discuss your favorite books or your latest read with fellow bibliophiles.

7.  Reedsy

This blog features "curated collections of the best stories this planet has to offer." You will get lost scrolling through the available posts promising content such as "50 Subgenres and Their Must-Reads." Their posts follow trending, relevant topics in the literary world with a dash of lifestyle on the side. Their site also includes lists of book recommendations and newly published works just waiting to be discovered.

8. Flavorwire Books

Tidy and modern, Flavorwire offers several monthly articles that examine both time-honored classics and contemporary publications. Its fresh take on the literary world blends book culture with pop culture, lending an original flavor to its featured essays and reviews.

9. Reader Witch

Blogger Alexandra's energetic voice enchants readers as she examines her favorite books and shares her impressions of and thoughts on her most recent reads. Literary with an aesthetic twist, this blog celebrates the beauty of books; you'll enjoy the artfully arranged book photoshoots and book cover features just as much as the lively articles themselves.

10. Vilma Iris

An "internationally renowned book blogger and USA Today blog columnist," Vilma Iris Gonzalez shares book reviews, recent favorites, audiobook recommendations, and author interviews with her following—all with a modern aesthetic and a dash of lifestyle inspiration.

11. Jane Friedman

This clean, minimalistic blog offers literary news and advice for authors by authors. Its articles examine all aspects of publishing and book marketing, including industry trends, writing advice, research for writing projects, finding a writing niche, and polishing believable characters. The blog also provides online classes, features interviews with industry professionals, and showcases important books on the art of writing.

12. Book Riot

Very much a book-lover culture website, this blog is a riot of color and energy. Here, you'll find articles on various literary topics, assorted interest pieces, book collections, interviews, and examinations of book-to-movie adaptations. Topical and current, Book Riot also features many book-related products that are sure to excite readers of all ages and interests.

13. 49th Shelf

49th Shelf is the largest collection of Canadian books on the internet—and an amazing way to discover your next great read. This blog features carefully curated book lists and a vibrant bibliophile community. You can quietly browse from afar to discover insightful user reviews and interesting blog posts, or you can sign up (for free) as a member to publish your own book review blog posts.

14. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews has been an important name in the world of literature since 1933, when its first book reviews were published. Alongside its astute reviews, it features a podcast and a book blog, and is home to the illustrious Kirkus Prize, which is bestowed yearly upon deserving titles in fiction, nonfiction, and young readers' literature.

15. The Millions

The Millions is a spunky online magazine flush with articles that are unafraid to venture into off-the-wall and unconventional literary topics. You can search for your favorite books to view all the articles and essays that mention them, or you can delve into current book news and featured topics.

16. The New Yorker's Page-Turner

Empowered by the love of reading, Page-Turner features articles on books, authors, and the themes and thoughts that inspire both. Poetry, literature, fiction, and nonfiction are all packaged into one neat compartment, and the resultant vivid articles truly are page-turners (or, more accurately, page-scrollers!).

17. Quillblog

Quillblog is the book blog of the Canadian literary magazine Quill & Quire. A book lover's interest page with an industry spin, Quillblog spotlights literary news articles and prize winners. It also features book reviews and literary culture sections devoted to children's and young adult books of all sorts. You may find that, like a chip or a cookie, you can't stop after one; you'll have gone through several articles without realizing how much time has really passed!

18. The Writing Cooperative

With the mission statement of "helping each other write better," the Writing Cooperative sets its own standards high. True to its word, the blog is an excellent resource for those interested in writing as much as reading. Featuring thoughtful articles that read like intimate insights into the authors' journals alongside tips and tricks from those experienced in the industry, this organized and polished book blog offers readers glimpses into both sides of the literary world.

19. Bookforum

The Bookforum blog is a digital extension of the well-known book review magazine of the same name, which is published five times per year. Much of the print magazine's fare (reviews, essays, and industry news) and a significant amount of exclusive web content can be found on the blog. Browse archived articles and new content—the blog is updated daily—to catch up on the who's who and the latest news in the literary world.

20. Readability

Australian booklover Fleur Morrison combines her love of books and writing on her blog Readability. She uses this space to discuss books by genre, merit, and reading experience. Her apt descriptions and commentary are enlightening and will make you feel like you are discussing a book with a friend.


Enjoy reading the 20 best book blogs of 2020!

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Happy reading!



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