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The 7 Best Online Book Clubs to Join

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Books enrich our lives in many ways. They can help us unwind and recharge, provide strength and encouragement during difficult times, and provoke feelings of empathy, anger, delight, and sadness.

One cherished pastime often shared by book lovers around the globe is participation in book clubs. Joining a book club is a great way to stay connected with a community of like-minded readers while also expanding your understanding of what literature has to offer.

Don't have the time to attend a regular book club? Whether you’re trying to draft the next great book review or start your own #squad, try out one of the best online book clubs and connect with an online community of book lovers anytime from anywhere in the world.

1. Andrew Luck Book Club

Quarterback by day and book lover by night, NFL football player Andrew Luck has made it his personal mission to spark a love for reading among his audience. From a young age, Luck balanced his love for sports with a keen interest in books and reading, which formed the foundation of his book club.

The Andrew Luck Book Club features books hand selected by the Indianapolis Colts quarterback each month. While the book club is open to readers of all ages and levels, Luck does provide two reading options for club members: a Rookie Book option for young or new readers and a Veteran Book option for advanced and mature readers.

There are no overarching themes in this book club. Rather, Andrew Luck shares books from his childhood for his rookie readers and current reads and literature classics for readers at the veteran level. Luck allows members to share questions and discuss the chosen books on his social media platforms. You can follow the book club on Facebook or Instagram; don't forget to use the hashtag #ALBookClub.



2. Book Baristas

Created by Natasha Minoso, Book Baristas integrates blog content, book reviews, and book club picks. If you are interested in the new adult, young adult, adult fiction, suspense, or thriller genres, you will surely be impressed by Minoso's top reads and book recommendations. 

Book Baristas is a club that brings together book recommendations, coffee shops, and the occasional giveaway.


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New book recommendations are posted every few days to the Book Barista Instagram page, accompanied by a brief synopsis and questions that press readers to discuss their thoughts, interpretations, and opinions of the chosen book.

While Minoso uses many hashtags when introducing new reads, book club members can easily connect with each other on Facebook or by using the hashtags #bookbaristas and #bunchofbookbaristas. To join the Book Baristas, all you are required to do is follow the Instagram account and start reading!

3. BookSparks

Through their online platform, the creators of BookSparks aim to "spark conversations about books and authors in fun, fresh ways." Along with a website that offers both blog posts and publication services for author clients, BookSparks moderates a string of book clubs throughout the year on their Instagram page @booksparks.

This summer, BookSparks launched a four-month Summer Reading Challenge called BookSparks in Paradise. This past summer, the BookSparks team selected New York Times best-selling author Jessica Knoll as the club's host, and multiple books have been selected for each month. New and best-selling reads were picked for the summer's lineup, making this book club perfect for readers who want to keep up with popular releases.



To connect with the BookSparks community, users are encouraged to share a photo of their current read on Instagram using the hashtags #SRC2018 and #booksparks. You can also follow the group on Facebook.

4. PureWow Book Club

Curated by various guest hosts, PureWow Book Club focuses on reading and discussing one book each month. As the host of the book club changes each month, there is no set theme for the books selected.

The Instagram page (@purewowbookclub) includes content related to the current book club read as well as motivational photos that will inspire you to get out your favorite mug, brew a hot cup of coffee, and crack open a good book.


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PureWow Book Club has established a giveaway every Wednesday, where one lucky follower receives the book recommendation of the week. For those who win the first giveaway of the month, PureWow Book Club awards them with the current book club read. You can participate in the PureWow Book Club by reading along each month and using the hashtag #PureWowBookClub on Instagram; there's also a Facebook group.

5. The Social Book Club

The Social Book Club enhances the experience of the traditional book club by catering to the growing online generation. Created by Lizzy Jensen, the Social Book Club selects culturally and historically relevant books for discussion each month.



Several questions are posted on The Social Book Club's Instagram page throughout the month, and readers are encouraged to share their journeys through each month's selection using the hashtag #thesocialbookclub.

While there is no specific theme, The Social Book Club provides readers with a selection of inspiring reads from a variety of author perspectives. If you are interested in biographies, autobiographies, or touching fiction stories that connect the human race, The Social Book Club may be the perfect online network for you. Join in on Facebook or Instagram.

6. Book of the Month

Are you worried that you won't have the time to track down the books outlined by a book club? If so, Book of the Month may be the perfect online book club for you! Book of the Month offers a monthly subscription box that sends books directly to your doorstep. Each month, the Book of the Month team features five book selections. For a monthly fee of $14.99 USD, you will be able to select which of the five books you would like delivered to your home.

While this is an excellent option for those residing within the United States, subscriptions are not yet available to those outside of the country. However, access to Book of the Month's online book club discussion is not limited to those with subscriptions. All of the monthly book selections are posted on Book of the Month's Instagram page along with guest posts and book reviews written by a panel.

By following the Instagram page @bookofthemonth and sharing the hashtag #bookofthemonth, you too can join a global community of book lovers.



Don't forget to check out the group on Facebook!

7. Poppy Loves Book Club

Available online everywhere, as well as offline in many large cities around the world, Poppy Loves Book Club is a monthly club created by women for women. On the final Wednesday of each month, the Poppy Loves Book Club community comes together for a live Facebook discussion centered on the month's selected book.

While Poppy Loves Book Club announces its monthly book through its official website, the book selections can also be found on Poppy Loves Book Club's Facebook and Instagram pages (check out the hashtag #poppylovesbookclub).



To qualify as a monthly read, a book must be only available in paperback, accessible on Kindle, and published worldwide. While this provides readers with cost-effective reads, it also offers exposure to new and emerging authors.


Banding together as a global community of book lovers has become easier than ever. With the convenience of the Internet, online book clubs have challenged the role of the traditional book club, offering book lovers modern platforms to share, discuss, and connect with other literature fanatics around the world.



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