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Business and academic customers can now receive edited and proofread documents in just four hours

A businessman chases a clock.

Scribendi is now serving its customers faster than before with the introduction of four-hour turnaround times on academic and business documents under 1250 words. The new service supports students, who are all too familiar with last-minute term paper stress; business professionals required to produce flawless work, reporting, and documentation under strict deadlines; and those who are on the go and need to have their correspondence checked for errors.

Scribendi has been supporting writers, students, and professionals from a variety of fields for the past 18 years and has edited and proofread over 750 million words to date. Their team of over 200 experienced editors provides expert editing and proofreading on everything from ESL doctoral dissertations to executive résumés to love sonnets. As the company has evolved, it has noted that customers frequently need clean, professional documents in a rush. Taking these needs seriously, owners Chandra Clarke and Terence Johnson have responded with the creation of the four-hour turnaround time to better assist those in need of fast editing and last-minute revisions.

"I helped create Scribendi because I knew what it was like to be awake in my dorm room at 2 a.m. putting the finishing touches on an essay that had to be handed in first thing in the morning," explains Vice-President Terence Johnson. The company recognizes the stress students and working professionals experience when they have to produce timely, error-free content that becomes a major reflection of competency. Scribendi hopes that fast, guaranteed turnaround times will alleviate this pressure and help students and business professionals alike meet their academic and working goals.

Every academic and business professional knows the value of time and accuracy. Scribendi's new four-hour turnaround time offers these clients the peace of mind of knowing that their documents will be clear, error-free, and professional within hours.

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