We communicate with you every step of the way.

When you choose Scribendi.com for your editing service, you get a partner in communication. Our extensive website offers all the information you need to choose the appropriate level of service for your project. Once you submit the project, you receive notification of the job number and estimated return time. When the work is complete, you receive notification and can pick up your final document from our website. In the event that you have questions or problems, our customer service is always available by email. If our editors have questions about your document, customer service will contact you for clarification.

We give you a clear and consistent quote for your selected service.

With our quote widget, you know up front how much our service will cost. Just enter the number of words in your document, select the level of service you require, and we tell you on the spot how much you will pay. No hidden costs, no complicated per-thousand-words formula, just one simple click.

We offer a fresh pair of eyes.

Familiarity breeds blindness. When you know what the words should say, you often don't see what is really there. We come to your document with fresh eyes, and no preconceptions about what you mean to say. Our editors can see past the content of your words and catch the misspellings, round up the stray thoughts, and smooth out the bumpy phrasing. Even the best writers will hand a new manuscript over to someone who has never seen it, knowing that just about any piece of writing can be improved.

We do more than just check your spelling—we help you write!

In addition to our proofreading services, we also offer a range of editing services to help you improve your written work. Your editor will critique the consistency of your document, make suggestions for better flow, and explain word usage issues and standard writing practices. This way, you not only get a better document, but you also learn how to improve your own writing for future work.

We know something about your field.

Our editors come from a wide range of backgrounds, from education to economics, from business to biology, from information technology to creative writing. Our unique system of task distribution ensures that your document will end up in the hands of an editor with all the skills needed to evaluate it properly, not just on the basic level of grammar and spelling but also on the level of flow and consistency, if that is the service you select.

We offer several levels of service to help you control costs.

If you can wait a few days for your completed document, you can save quite a bit. Our turnaround times range from eight-hour immediate returns to one-week returns. If you have several smaller documents that need editing, you can bundle them into one order to save time and money.

We speak your language.

Many of our customers grew up using a language other than English. Our editors have plenty of experience assisting the ESL/ENL writer to produce grammatically correct and idiomatically understandable English prose. You get back a document that sounds like Standard English, and you get the bonus of seeing how we changed words or spelling, so your writing improves each time you use our service.

Our editors come from all over the world, so if you need a document adjusted to British English, we can do that. We can also handle Canadian, American, and Australian English.

But don't just take our word for it.

See what our clients have to say about us on our Client Testimonials page!

Let Scribendi.com help you today!

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