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Thank you for your good work. You've done a wonderful job.


Your editing was clearly a well thought out approach to improving the quality of the paper. I appreciate all the effort and input. Thank you.


Really pleased - its amazing how long you can stare at something and not be able to improve it! This is a great service which takes some of the sting out of agonising over the query letter.


I don't know how to thank you. I really needed your kind words to help reaffirm my belief in the book. Your suggestions are excellent and I will see what I can do with them.


My editor was very good at catching my careless errors as well as making good suggestions in terms of phrasing.


The suggestions you made for my short story have given me new perspective on how to improve the piece, and my writing. Thanks!


Thanks very much! Your points served to confirm my own suspicions of where my manuscript needed to be improved and I very much appreciate the helpful suggestions you offered.


Great work! I'll be sending you more work in the future!


Thanks so much! Returned papers on time and did an outstanding job!


Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely seek your assistance again.


Thank you so much for all of your help. Again, you really touched on the things I was concerned about. Thank you!

C. Bear

Please let my editor know that his/her feedback on papers are very useful and his/her comments are always positive and encouraging. That is great - very welcome feedback.


My editor did an excellent job and gave me a personal opinion which I appreciated immensely!!!


Well... Great service. Very fast response. I will surely use you in the future and recommend to other people if I get a chance. It is not easy to find people who will do this kind of job, professionally, affordable and fast like you.


I am thrilled with your work. I have many different editors mostly friends who told me they could edit my material, but I got lousy results. After I tried Scribendi I am now 100% confident I will come back to you over and over again. Thanks again.


I am very happy with the changes made!


The edits were very common sense and were great at tightening up my prose.


Great work. Thanks!


Very good! My editor did an excellent job not only editing my document for the audience the document is for, but also gave me her own opinion of the impression she got from reading it.


I recently won an Honorable Mention for my short story, Narrow Paths, in the Writer's Digest writing competition. I attribute my success to the help from Scribendi!


I have to say I'm quite impressed... Good service especially over the busy Christmas session. Thank you Scribendi.


I think this editor was quite candid and did excellent work. I'm sure it won't be a best seller. But it will accomplish what I want it to do. I do appreciate the instruction though and will use some of the suggestions.


Your timely and quality service is exactly what I have been looking for. I am really happy and grateful.

Su Feng

THANK YOU! I am most certainly going to use this service often! Also, my hubby's company is looking to outsource some editing and writing I am going to send your info along to him! Thanks!


I'm delighted with the work. Lordy ... what a relief to get this thing looked at and polished. Many thanks. I will most certainly be back for more. Please say thanks to my editor for a fab job.


Nothing specific other than excellent job. Thank you very much for all the work you help put into this story. Without the help, both on the synopsis and the story itself, I would have never felt like it was completed.


He was a great editor, and he made a lot of corrections, improved the quality of the paper. I really appreciate what he did on the paper, and could get a better grade than the last assignment. With this price and quality, nobody can beat Scribendi!


Excellent suggestions. Reader caught some unnecessary and misspelled words. Brought out some weaknesses that I hadn't noticed. Excellent. Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the edit, particularly for explaining the 'themselves' thing, I was actually wondering how that worked. Thanks again.


My sincere gratitude. Your staff, service, and professionalism are superb! Consider me a very satisfied customer.


I was amazed. You touched on every problem that had me stymied. Your suggestions are excellent and I was overwhelmed at the copious notes.


Thank you for giving me a nice general overall review i.e., that you feel there is something to the story and that you were ready to read more. Storyline and plot have been my most difficult things to work on and this comment by you has certainly helped.


Yes, this editor was great and very fast. I am going to recommend your site and service to a lot of students.


Yes. I would like to thank my editor for both the work and the encouragement. I will definitely be using your service again.


Thanks for your comments. They make lots of sense to me. I know it's a difficult paper for copy editing because the two authors basically disagreed on the outline of the paper, and the integration of the two voices makes this paper a monster.

H. Wong

Thanks, again for all your help. The degree of professionalism, integrity and humanity within your company astounds me. It has renewed my faith in the business world.


I needed to write to say that you are the absolute best service I have ever used! I have now used your editing service for about a year and each time you have taken my rather awkward sentences and poor grammar and literally spun straw into gold.

Gerald G.

Very well done, has a very good "tone."


I would like to take the opportunity to once more thank my editor for outstanding editorial work. The notes that were included are invaluable in helping me reshape the story as it must be, not as it stands.


After making the suggested changes, I self-published and my book sales were great.


Scribendi continuously provides an excellent quality of service. The editors are great. I simply can not imagine my work without Scribendi.


What an amazing job! Thanks for the fast turnaround, your attention to detail, and your follow-up email this morning to clarify that one detail. A Best-In-Class performance. Thank you.


I would like to say thanks for the expeditious response to my submission. I would also like to say thanks for the encouragement on the essay. I am hoping to get a very good grade out of this paper.


I'm a book doctor myself, but sometimes have a difficult time seeing my own work clearly, so I needed an outside, unbiased opinion. The critique you did gave me exactly what I needed to focus my self-edit for a very reasonable price. Thanks!


I think your comments are really good and I have decided to use them.


Because of your excellent service, I have received "A" on all of my papers!


What can I say that hasn't been said? Fantastic job. Thanks for the extra effort.


I was pleased to know that my story was written well enough to have put my critique reader on the right path to understanding what I wanted to do with my story. I came within an inch of succeeding. It gives me 'a shot in the arm.'


You did a wonderful job! This was exactly what I was looking for; I needed someone to help me with the flow. Perfect. Your turnaround time was swift. And your rates were very reasonable. I have bookmarked your site and I will use you in the future.


Thanks so much for your feedback, I'm delighted you enjoyed the book!!! Thanks for your help and the encouraging critique.


I have gotten nothing but straight "A"s. I should have tried Scribendi sooner! I recommend this service to everyone.


I love what you did with the letter. I will be sending over all of our editorial for the 2nd issue for proof reading as it comes. You all helped me so much with my first issue. I appreciate your prompt response and for making every thing so easy.


Excellent job, you're helping me to develop as a writer. Special thanks to the editor for the valuable assistance.


Thanks for the quick turnaround and changes/suggestions. I also appreciate receiving the editor's comments regarding the paper which gives me more confidence in turning in a quality project. I will continue to use your service for future papers.


Perfect following of instructions. Nice catches!


I'm excited about the partnership we're developing. For the first time in YEARS, the burden of having to express myself in a foreign language is lifted from my shoulders. I can't describe how exposed I used to feel ... now I can concentrate on content.


You made very careful changes to the text that preserved my style and enhanced the overall presentation. I read the original and then the edited version, and the impact of your work was clearly visible. That's exactly what I was looking for.


Again, I love your work! Thanks for your service and your help! I don't know what I would do without this service!


Once again, I am in your debt. Scribendi editors always do a fabulous job and I continue to get excellent grades by using them to proofread, edit and critique my work. Thank you very much - Great Job!!


I am very happy with the results! It was fast and was done as I asked for! Thank you.


Thank you very much! Very prompt and very professional!


I truly appreciate how my letter was made much stronger through your recommendations in sentence structure and word selection.


I am extremely happy for the sample editing work you have done for my book. It is exactly the way I wanted and completed in time as promised.Within a month and a half upon completion of my book, I am going to send you my entire work for the editing.


Your editor showed a genuine interest in improving my text. The suggestions made were logical and interesting, giving me good reasons to both follow the advice given and to seriously consider engaging Scribendi to continue to edit my full manuscript


The editor is usually able to get inside my head when I am unable to put my thoughts on paper. He is also helping to improve my writing, making me more aware of each and every word.


I feel really comfortable having Scribendi edit my college papers.


I was thrilled to receive the excellent edit/proof/critique of my novel, which was ready in half the time promised. I feel confident I can now get my book up to snuff and am very glad I was lucky enough to happen upon your site.


The editor's comments were right on point. The improvements to my resume emphasize my new career focus. GOOD JOB!


I was amazed at the prompt turnaround in several hours, and the advice and grammatical changes made to the manuscript.

A.W. Schade

Thanks for the great job and wonderful suggestions. I appreciate the sincere attention you gave my article.


This is an excellent service and I will use it again.


A professional job, well done. Your comments and suggestions were very helpful.


Great job! I was also very impressed with the feedback. Thanks for the compliments on my previous resume and submitted materials. I hope my new resume and cover letter help me land that perfect job. Thanks!


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