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While nothing distracts readers as much as a glaring spelling error, it takes more than a grammatically correct book to hook your audience and keep them reading from preface to prologue.

Whether you're planning to self-publish your book or work with a publisher, enlisting the expertise of a professional editor will help you to polish your writing, remove errors, and ensure your book is clear and engaging.

Below is just a sample of the hundreds of fiction and nonfiction books edited by Scribendi that have been published over the years.



Breach of Consciousness

Breach of Consciousness by Peter Castillo

From horror author Peter Castillo comes a story that revolves around an age-old supernatural phenomenon. 


The White Puppy from Andorra

The White Puppy from Andorra by Luisa Guzmán

This children's novel is about getting by far from home and standing on your own four paws. It is also about how great it feels to keep a promise to a friend.

Katie and Mr. Moon: Today's Big Adventure

Katie and Mr. Moon: Today's Big Adventure by K T Morgan

The Katie and Mr. Moon series features a spunky, inspirational heroine and her best friend, a Welsh Mountain pony. As Katie and Mr. Moon go on a variety of exciting adventures, readers learn lessons about horses, animal care, friendship, responsibility, safety, and courage.

Katie and Mr. Moon: The Boulder-Rolling Baddies

Katie and Mr. Moon: The Boulder-Rolling Baddies by K T Morgan

Katie and Mr. Moon make the perfect team. The girl and her pony are both naturally curious about the world beyond their farm, but they always take the proper precautions and let common sense be their guide on adventures.

The Haunted Trail Vol. 1

The Haunted Trail Vol. 1 by John C. Lukegord

A gothic celebration of blood and horror, The Haunted Trail blends the madness of the human mind with the horrors of the supernatural, resulting in an intelligent, unconventional tale of murder, mayhem, and a threat to Ireland herself from a long-forgotten foe.

The Haunted Trail

The Haunted Trail Vol. 2: The War of the Dublin Woods by John C. Lukegord

Mick must outrun and outwit murderous madmen and a maleficent mummy to find a powerful supernatural artifact, venturing into the dark heart of the woods to confront a sinister curse.

Invented and Made in the USA

Invented and Made in the USA by Vino Mody

Invented and Made in the USA is your guidebook through the intricacies of American industry. If you like a solid historical foundation, real-world examples, and expert advice, then you'll love Vino Mody's definitive work.


Metrics for Winning Customers in Electronics

Metrics for Winning Customers in Electronics by Vino Mody

While there are many books on general metrics concepts and applications, Metrics for Winning Customers in Electronics is unique. It's dedicated to various businesses and processes prevalent in the electronics industry. This is, of course, a crucial part of the current and future world economy—an area of rapid growth with thousands of global companies competing for supremacy.

Carrie Welton

Carrie Welton by Charles Monagan

Eighteen-year-old Carrie Welton is restless, unhappy, and ill-suited to the conventions of nineteenth-century New England. Using her charm and a cunning scheme, she escapes the shadow of a cruel father and wanders into a thrilling series of high-wire adventures.

Tales from Birehra

Tales from Birehra by Rafi Mustafa

With deeply vivid storytelling that delves into the symbiotic Hindu-Muslim relationship shared across the Indian sub-continent prior to the ending of the British Raj, Tales from Birehra is a unique and truly compelling narrative.

The Last Rogue

The Last Rogue by John Righten

John Righten ratchets up the tension quotient tenfold in The Last Rogue, a continuation of his no-holds-barred political thriller series, The Lochran Trilogy.


The H. sapiens Problem

The H. sapiens Problem by Garry Rogers

A conflict driven by greed and an old man's ancient grudge ensnares Corr Syl and Rhya Bright, two beautiful young Tsaeb warriors engaged in the tentative first steps of romance. Though inexperienced, the two rabbit descendants must seek a solution to the human species' strange mental limitations that have endangered civilization and the Earth itself.

Devil's Due

Devil's Due by Andrew Warren

Thomas Caine is a dangerous man. A former CIA assassin, he was burned, betrayed, and left for dead. Now, he struggles to stay off the grid and hides from his dark past in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when human traffickers detonate a bomb in a crowded Thai market, it sets off a chain reaction that drags Caine out of the shadows.

Tokyo Black

Tokyo Black by Andrew Warren

Thomas Caine lives in the shadows. Betrayed and left for dead, he has put his past as a government assassin behind him. Now he lives off the grid, in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when local gangsters set him up for a crime he didn't commit, his old CIA masters make him an offer he can't refuse: rot in a hellish Thai prison, or accept a dangerous mission in Tokyo, Japan.

Soul Thieves: The Beginning

Soul Thieves: The Beginning by Meg Sherman

The peaceful, small-town life of Zara Dewan is turned upside down when young girls start to go missing. Are the disappearances connected to the attractive but mysterious couple that just moved in next door? Determined to find the truth, Zara quickly finds herself in a terrifying trap of obsession with Ryan, her new neighbor, and realizes too late that by satisfying her curiosity, she put her own life in danger. 

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