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The Top 10 Misspellings of "Scribendi" (Plus: What Does "Scribendi" Mean?)

Written by Jes Gonzalez

Have you ever asked yourself, "What does 'Scribendi' mean?"

Before we get into the fun and games of listing the best misspellings of our company's name, let's start with a brief overview of why we chose "Scribendi" for our namesake.

Our name is derived from "cacoethes scribendi." "Cacoethes scribendi" is a Latin phrase that means "the insatiable urge to write." We chose the name "Scribendi" to represent our services, because our main aim is to support writers by helping them craft this urge into writing that is both clear and professional.

Since our name comes from Latin, it's tricky to spell. Therefore, it hasn't always been the easiest for people to find us online. We've seen the many ways in which people have misspelled our name, and we get a kick out of it (all in good fun, of course)!

To share the laughs, we've outlined the top 10 funniest misspellings of "Scribendi" below in both SlideShare and video formats for your viewing and sharing pleasure. We hope you like these alternate names for "Scribendi" as much as we do!




If you're looking for the world leader in online editing and proofreading services, we're spelled "Scribendi." Thank you for continuing to search for us, even though it's not always easy!



Image source: Jes Gonzalez

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Jes Gonzalez

Jes is a magician and a mechanic; that is to say, she creates pieces of writing from thin air to share as a writer, and she cleans up the rust and grease of other pieces of writing as an editor. She knows that there's always something valuable to be pulled out of a blank page or something shiny to be uncovered in one that needs a little polishing. When Jes isn't conjuring or maintaining sentences, she's devouring them, always hungry for more words.