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So, What Exactly Is a Social Media Editor?

A small man wearing a plaid shirt huddles over a laptop. He has a well-kempt beard, black-rimmed glasses, and a pet cat named Phil. He spends his days searching the Internet for clever tidbits of news and humor to share with his followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Sipping a cappuccino, the man casually clicks away at his keyboard and dabs at the foam in his moustache. The best part of all this? That man is currently on the payroll. That's right—he's a social media editor, and he's hard at work.

Okay, okay—so the above description may be slightly stereotypical. Not all social media editors are responsible solely for tweeting and creating Facebook statuses. They don't all sit at a laptop all day, every day. They don't all have beards, or black-rimmed glasses, or cats named Phil. But they do all like cappuccinos. That's just a fact.

So what does a social media editor actually do?

Well, social media editors are basically responsible for their company's social media presence. They do manage social media pages like Twitter and Facebook, but they also create social media plans to execute over time. They are responsible for keeping track of emerging social media outlets and ensuring that the company does not fall behind if a new platform takes off. Depending on the company they work for, it may be especially important for a social media editor to ensure the accuracy of information being shared online. Social media editors are also responsible for teaching other employees of the company how to use different social media platforms.

Essentially, social media editors make sure that their companies look good. They are the cheese to the company's crackers. Without social media editors, a company is just nutrition and no flavor. But with them, they are an intriguing treat that appeals to a much wider audience.



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