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SEO Marketing and Your Business: What You Need to Know

Creating a strong online presence out of nothing is an extremely difficult task for new businesses or businesses that are just delving into the online world of marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO marketing are arguably the most important methods for creating a memorable and unique online brand. While many companies are tempted to focus directly on selling their actual products or services, SEO marketing should be aimed at creating a unique customer experience. And the extra effort should be made to ensure that SEO editing has taken place before the publication of any of your content. Here are five SEO marketing techniques that are essential to branding your company's online presence.

1. Track your progress

First and foremost, you need to keep track of whether your SEO marketing efforts are actually accomplishing anything. What kind of people should you be targeting? Where are they? What are their interests? Are your current methods working to bring in more people? Using a tool like Google Analytics can seriously help you evaluate your SEO marketing techniques and see where changes need to be made.

2. Have a user-friendly website

This seems like a given, but many companies downplay the importance of having a website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and well written. Do your readers have to click around to find basic information? Are some people likely to become confused by your copy? If your website isn't up to par, no amount of SEO marketing techniques will be able to make up for it.

3. Create original content

Do you want people to think that your company is smart, original, and creative? If so, you actually need to be smart, original, and creative. Even if the content you are creating doesn't seem to be essential to the sales of your product or service, it is. Building your company's image means that readers and customers will look at your company as an old, familiar friend rather than as someone who is trying to sell them something. SEO marketing is about creating familiarity with and confidence in your company's brand.

4. Blog and follow other blogs

Remember that original content we were talking about? Well, blogging is a great way to get that content out there. It's also an excellent way to gain links, build connections, and develop your brand. Another top SEO marketing technique is to follow other blogs related to your business. The more connections you have, the larger your network will become. With a larger network comes a bigger audience, and with a bigger audience comes more opportunity for increased business.

5. Be social

SEO marketing isn't just about building links. You need to build your company's brand by being social. Take advantage of the multitude of social media platforms available to you. Use different sites for different purposes; that is, don't just post the same content on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. Be creative, be fun, and cater to your readers. Business professionals depend on networking to expand their audience and customer base, and the same logic should be followed online.



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