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The Online Resume Advantage

Online resumes are the new way to apply for employment

The Internet now plays an integral role in how people search for jobs, as well as how employers and companies find appropriate candidates. According to some resume writing experts, traditional resumes, such as chronological resumes or functional resumes, are outdated.

Online resume distribution services make it easy to create resumes online and issue them to employers. Specific job search sites, such as and, allow you to build and post your resume in a searchable format.

Employers benefit from the advantages online resumes offer, including having access to a host of possible applicants based on specific search criteria and limiting their search to applications that possess the exact skills and qualities they are looking for.

Instantly accessible

There are numerous advantages to creating an online resume. Companies themselves are increasing their use of online services because they offer significant cost savings over traditional hiring methods. As such, many industries and government organizations will now specifically ask job seekers to post their resumes online in a specific format (e.g., MS Word, HTML, or PDF), either by uploading them from another location or recreating them on their website.

However, the main advantage of online resumes is that they are instant; sending a resume through the mail is likely to take days, and if a company needs to hire someone fast, or are looking for temporary or freelance work, they're unlikely to go to the trouble to post an advertisement, wait for resumes to arrive, and then sort through them.

Companies will instead be looking for a speedy solution, and having an online resume immediately opens up these avenues to you.

Keeping your resume online also allows you to instantly update your resume with your most recent achievements, even notifying potential employers of this update if they are considering your resume.

Another benefit is that you may be able to keep multiple versions of your resume in a variety of formats, meaning that your resume can be specifically geared toward the individual requirements of your desired positions. In addition, if you can't find what you’re looking for, it's possible to sign up to receive notifications when a company advertises for a job that would be relevant to your skills and interests.

Make your resume stand out

Ultimately though, the key factor in all resume writing is to have an impressive, solid, and error-free resume that reflects your skills and experiences. Having a resume that markets you as the ideal candidate for the job will prove to be the difference between getting a job or not.

Because of this, it's important to check your resume carefully, and our resume editing experts are more than happy to provide some extra help to revamp and improve your resume, bringing you one step closer to landing your dream job.



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