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Mind the Graph: The Future of Infographic Creation

Written by Scribendi

What is Mind the Graph, you ask? 

Mind the Graph is an online software that makes it easy to create graphical abstracts. It offers the perfect interface for researchers and authors to design a graphical abstract for their papers. 

As discussed in parts 1 and 2 of the series ("5 Reasons to Include Science Figures in Your Research Paper" and "Top 10 Tips for Designing Graphical Abstracts"), a graphical abstract is a single image that presents an overview of a scholarly text. It grabs potential readers' attention and shows them the purpose and results of the research.

Mind the Graph users can choose among templates suited to their subject matter and create unique illustrations. The end result is a highly impactful graphical abstract.

Let's look in more detail at the ways that Mind the Graph is leading the charge in infographic creation. 

1. Mind the Graph Is Free

Choose from a wide range of pricing plans based on your requirements. For a one-time job, a free plan might suffice. 

If you often need high-level graphics for your research papers, choose a paid plan instead. The interface helps you identify the ideal plan for your requirements.

2. Mind the Graph Is Easy to Use

Designing graphical abstracts in Mind the Graph is a matter of just a few clicks. Log in to your account and click My Creations to view the design options.

Choose the Abstract option. If you have specific sizing requirements, you can input them in the Width and Height fields. Click Create to start designing your graphical abstract.

Mind the Graph Abstract Creation

3. Access Thousands of Scientifically Accurate Illustrations

Mind the Graph provides access to thousands of scientific illustrations. Even for highly scientific topics, the exact illustration you need is likely available in the gallery.

Simply edit the illustration's text and add elements according to your preference. You've just created highly detailed illustrations for your graphical abstract!

Selecting Scientific Illustrations

4. Mind the Graph Uses a Drag-and-Drop Design

As you customize your illustration, you can browse icons through a keyword search and add them to your design. You can also choose to add Molecules, Charts, or Shapes to your graphical abstract.

To add labels and descriptions, click Text and browse a wide variety of text styles. Click your chosen style to add it to your template as a seamless overlay. You can customize the text elements by dragging and dropping them. 

Here is an example.

Drag-and-Drop Elements

A simple drag and drop will place the element where you want in a matter of seconds.

5. Mind the Graph Offers 200+ Design Templates

The Mind the Graph editor allows you to add elements and text boxes to ready-made templates. The design process is simple: you can easily add elements to and/or remove them from your design while browsing the options.

The user-friendly editor enables you to add and remove elements without disrupting the overall design. You can use any combination of elements and icons without worrying about customizability—you have complete design autonomy.

Templates in Workspace

Remember: all templates are completely customizable and can be easily adapted to your preferences.

6. Access Mind the Graph Anywhere, Anytime

Most applications must be downloaded and the files you create stored on your computer. As an online tool, Mind the Graph avoids this hassle. 

All your creations are safely stored in your account under the My Creations tab. You can access your files and information from any device by simply logging in.

Accessing My Creations

7. Mind the Graph Offers Different File Types

A challenging aspect of graphic design software is the lack of options for creating different versions of your graphical abstracts. In Mind the Graph, you can easily edit your graphical abstract to create a new version using the Save As option.

This feature is useful for submitting different versions of your graphical abstracts to various journal publications. Moreover, you can download your creations as PNG images, PDF documents, or presentation files.

Download Options

8. Mind the Graph Is Trusted by 200+ Institutions

With its strong understanding of researchers' and students' needs and its state-of-the-art interface, Mind the Graph has a strong reputation among educational institutions. Many universities, including UCLA and McGill, trust Mind the Graph to support their visualization needs.


Graphical abstracts are not only great additions to your research papers, but they can also help generate buzz around your work. A graphical abstract gives your readers a detailed overview of your paper so that they know whether it is relevant to their research. 

Sign up to Mind the Graph to start creating a unique graphical abstract for your research paper. Increased engagement, better visibility on search engines, and higher visual appeal are just a few additional perks. 

However, these advantages are only won by perfectly proofread papers and graphical abstracts that follow the rules of effective academic writing. Consider having your Mind the Graph creations proofread before sharing them to ensure you are communicating your credibility.



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