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An Example Outline

An example outline will help make the essay writing process easier

Writing academic papers is not easy. Sometimes you may have all of the research done, but just can't put pen to paper. If that's the case, you may need to write an outline. The following alphanumeric example outline was used to write our article explaining how to write an outline:

An example outline

Topic: Discussing the outline—what it is and how to write one.

1. The outline

a. Definition
b. Its necessity

2. Types of outlines

a. Alphanumeric

i. Topic outline

b. Decimal
c. Full sentence

3. How to write an outline

a. Pre-writing steps

i. Thesis/summarizing sentence

b. Brainstorm
c. Organize and order
d. Label

i. Sentence outline
ii. Topic outline

5. Conclusion

An example outline is a helpful visual representation of what your academic paper will eventually look like. Some professors require that you hand in your outline. Before handing in your outline, or to get critical feedback on what you're about to write, send your outline to our essay editors for a second opinion.



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