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12 Ways to Beat the Back-to-School Blues

Ah, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the sound of ringing school bells through the halls, and the crisp fall air in your hair as you walk to school . . . what could be better?

Wait. What do you mean you're not excited to go back to school? What about the brand-new box of pencils, the reunions with old friends, and the exciting new classes? Sure, school can be a little stressful, but there are so many great things about it!

If you're struggling with the back-to-school blues, here are some ways to make going back a little less rough. Or if you are looking forward to the new school year, we can help you prepare for it.

Here's how to beat those back-to-school blues!

  1. Buy school supplies. Even if the course work is grueling, it's a little more bearable when you're writing in a crisp, new notebook.
  2. Get #gladtogoback. Search the hashtag #gladtogoback on Twitter and get into a positive mindset by reading the tweets and remembering everything you enjoy about school. You can even join in the conversation by sharing your own favorite things!
  3. Rekindle old friendships. Message some friends you lost contact with over the summer and reunite with them. Nothing is more exciting than seeing old friends again.
  4. End the summer with a bang. Have a big party to blow off steam. Whether it's a barbecue with friends or a campfire on the beach, taking some time to have fun is a great way to prepare for the year ahead.
  5. Look sharp. Choose your best back-to-school outfit. Looking sharp and feeling sharp go hand in hand!
  6. Work up an appetite. Buy all the perfect ingredients and plan to have your favorite breakfast before your first day of school. When the stomach is happy, the mind is happy.
  7. Set some new goals. Set goals for the new school year and write them down in your shiny new notebook with a freshly sharpened pencil. Having goals gives you something to work toward.
  8. Treat yourself. Have someone special write you a little note and put it in your pocket. If you're feeling blue on your first day back, you can pull it out and read it.
  9. Start a reading list. Look for books in your school library. Talk to the librarian and see if any new books have been stocked for the new school year.
  10. Make an end-of-summer checklist. Write down things to do before the summer ends. Your list might include things like taking a road trip, finding the Big Dipper, or building a sand castle.
  11. Plan something fun. Looking forward to an event at the end of the school day or week can help you power through the back-to-school blues.
  12. Prepare your stories. Have some anecdotes ready to answer the inevitable question about what you did over the summer. Remembering highlights of your summer is sure to put you in a good mood!

Are you #gladtogoback? Let us know why on Twitter, or share your very own tips for beating the back-to-school blues.



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