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"For more than a decade, I have regularly sent manuscripts (books and articles) to be assessed. This is always done with diligence, competence, proficiency, and at a price reasonable for the services rendered. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I offer my recommendations!"

Professor Karl Olav Sandnes

Professor Karl Olav Sandnes

Norwegian School of Theology

"For me, Scribendi means excellence. The editors are highly professional. Each order leads to tremendous learning. I trust Scribendi simply because I was provided with an excellent service."

Dr. Katharina Fellnhofer

Dr. Katharina Fellnhofer

Swiss Institute of Technology, Zurich

"With the help of a professional, I found out that I needed to improve my style to deliver my ideas better. This service has really helped me a lot. I would definitely advise using it in the future, and I will use it myself."


Claudia Lisa


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Draft Manuscripts & Post Peer Review Revisions

Draft Manuscripts & Post Peer Review Revisions

Research Proposals & Funding Applications

Research Proposals & Funding Applications

Collaborative & Peer Review Comments

Collaborative & Peer Review Comments

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