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You've worked long and hard on your manuscript, and now it's time to pass your work on to a qualified editor. You can trust the editors at Scribendi to provide professional, affordable, and high-quality editorial services.

Our editors have experience working with all kinds of documents, including fiction and non-fiction book manuscripts. Our editorial services are extensive, including not only checking for grammatical correctness, but also helping you develop other aspects of your work. Your editor will help you with areas such as word choice, sentence structure, tone, dialogue, and character and plot development. They will also provide you with constructive criticism, but ultimately, they will leave all the final decisions up to you.

Scribendi uses a secure server, and our professional editors will keep your information—including the contents of your work—completely confidential and private. Our editorial services have been used by thousands of clients, and we are entrusted each day with millions of words to edit.

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