Help! I need to hand this in by ____, or I'm toast. How can I get a fast turnaround?

For short documents (4,000 words or less), we offer a same day/overnight service, which returns your document in less than eight hours. If you send us your document at 1 a.m., we can work on it while you sleep and get it back to you by 9 a.m.! Visit our Student and Academic services page for details.

Will I get a passing grade and/or better mark if I use your service?

We can tell you that your writing, spelling, and grammar will be better if you use our proofreading services. We can help you with our content editing services by pointing out weaknesses in your arguments or areas that you need to do more research on. But ultimately your final grade will depend on how much research and effort you put into the paper, and what your instructor requires from you.

I submitted an MS Word file, and I have my document back, but I can't see what you've changed. Why is that?

It may be that you have the "Show Markup" feature turned off. In MS Word 2016, click on the "Review" tab. In the section named "Tracking," there are three drop-down menus—they're to the right of the button named "Tracked Changes." Click on the top one. Choose "All Markup." Then, click the "Show Markup" menu to make sure all the markup options are checked, including "Insertions and Deletions."

In Word 2007/Office XP, click on the tab named "Review." In the section named "Tracking," there are three drop-down menus—they're to the right of the button named "Balloons." Click on the top one. Choose "Final Showing Markup."

In older/other versions of Word/Office, go to the Tools menu, select Track Changes, select Highlight Changes, and make sure Highlight Changes on Screen is checked. See our How Do I...? FAQ for screenshots. If you still don't see any changes, contact customer service.

I need help with making sure this conforms to a specific style (APA 5th Edition, MLA, Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.).

No problem. Just make sure you tell us what style manual we should refer to. Visit our Student and Academic page for a complete list of available services.

Do you check for plagiarism? Do you rewrite or paraphrase?

No, we don’t check for plagiarism, write, rewrite, or paraphrase work.

What style guides do you work with?

We have worked with dozens of style guides. The most popular are American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, Harvard Referencing, and Council of Science Editors (CSE). We can work to your target journal’s style guide (just send us the details), and we can work with corporate/internal style guides as well.

I submitted an MS Word file, and now I have all your revisions and suggestions highlighted in red. How do I integrate these changes quickly?

See our How Do I...? FAQ.

I submitted a file type other than MS Word, and I have my document back, but I can't see what you've changed. Why is that?

Unfortunately, very few word processing programs have anything similar to MS Word's Track Changes feature, which allows our editors and proofreaders to highlight changes in red so you can see them more easily. Our staff will have summarized their changes in their notes back to you, however, and you can compare what we've sent back to you with your original document.

Can you write me an essay on the War of 1812 or the DNA of Dolly the Sheep by tomorrow?

Sorry, but no. does not write or sell academic work, and we do not paraphrase either. We strongly believe that students should submit their own original work.

Please? What if I gave you an outline to work from, or wrote the first half, or...

Sorry, still no. We will edit, proofread, and help you improve what you have written, but you must give us a complete draft of your own paper to work with.

Would you write up my thesis or dissertation if I gave you all my research notes?

No, we can't do that either. We can give your academic work a thorough content edit to help you strengthen the work before you submit it to your review committee, but we need to see a complete draft.

What if I'm not satisfied with the work done? takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Please file a feedback report with us (there will be a link on your order details page), or get in touch with us using the Contact Us page or +1 (519) 351-1626 and we will look into your issue immediately.

How do I get a word count for my manuscript?

In MS Word, go to the Review tab or Tools menu, and select Word Count. In WordPerfect, right click anywhere in the document and select Properties, and then click the Information tab. If you're doing a word count on an academic paper, be sure to check the option to include footnotes and endnotes in the word count. You may also use our complimentary word count widget:

Please note: We do double-check word counts on all the documents we receive. To ensure that there are no delays in processing your order, try to make every effort to give us an accurate count. If there is a section you do not want us to check, please mention this in the "Special Instructions" field of the order form.

I'm good at understanding concepts, but terrible at expressing myself. Can you help?

As long as you've got a complete paper we can work with, and have chosen one of our editing services, we can suggest revisions and help you improve your writing, organization, and structure.

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