Since the earliest instances of visual communication, humans have demonstrated a fascination with animals. Depictions of horses, bison, aurochs, and deer adorn the walls of prehistoric caves. Egyptian hieroglyphs used vultures, bulls, cats, cobras, crocodiles, and elephants to represent syllables and concepts.

Today, animals continue to be cherished in various forms of creative expression, such as the magical guardian Patronus charm of Harry Potter and the anthropomorphic warriors of Brian Jacques' Redwall series. Using fanciful and creative collective nouns is another way in which we celebrate animals. The tradition of using "nouns of assembly" or "terms of venery" dates back to the English hunting tradition of the Late Middle Ages.

We have chosen 30 quirky and imaginative words used to describe groups of animals as our own way of participating in the ancient captivation with our neighbors on Earth.

Collective Nouns for Animals

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