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8 Visual Writing Prompts Worth a Thousand Words

So, everybody's heard the saying, right? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, it's time to apply that saying. We've designed some visual writing prompts for eager and reluctant writers alike. Some are based on abstract art, while others depict specific scenes. In either case, these images are sure to ignite your writing imagination. Take your time with each prompt, and write as little or as much as you'd like. Are pictures really worth a thousand words? It's time to find out!


1. Capture the mood of this picture without using the names of colors or emotions.

Visual Writing Prompt 1


2. Tell this story from one point of view. Then tell the same story from another point of view.

Visual Writing Prompt 2


3. Write the inner monologue of one of the people visible in the picture.

Visual Writing Prompt 3


4. Present the dialogue between these two characters.

Visual Writing Prompt 4


5. Begin the story as one of these characters picks up one of the objects pictured.

Visual Writing Prompt 5


6. Compose a scene that takes place here.

Visual Writing Prompt 6


7. Describe the emotions of the person in the picture. Can you capture the different emotions of this person?

Visual Writing Prompt 7


8. What would you do if you were the driver in this scenario? Write the story.

Visual Writing Prompt 8


These writing prompts were secretly writing exercises to improve your skills without bogging down your creative mind. Believe it or not, these images were exercises in mood (image 1), point of view (image 2), character (image 3), dialogue (image 4), plot (image 5), setting (image 6), perspective (image 7), and theme (image 8). As you can see, improving your writing skills doesn't have to be a chore—it can even be fun if you let it!

Whew! You've put your pen to paper (or your fingers to the keyboard) and created something, and that's awesome! Now you have all the tools in your writer's belt to combat any sort of slump you may face.


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