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Scribendi's Ultimate Guide to English Grammar Rules

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Whether you're currently studying English or simply want to refresh your understanding of English grammar, we're here to help. Below, you'll learn everything that you need to know about English grammar rules.

Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and adverbs are modifiers. They provide extra description of what's happening in your sentence. However, be careful. Many people confuse adjectives with adverbs and vice versa. Before you read any further, start with the following post.

Once you understand the difference between an adjective and an adverb, read these posts.


Articles ("a," "an," and "the") are small but mighty. They provide information about the nouns that they precede.


Conjunctions are the great connectors of the grammar world. They'll help you link various elements and highlight their relationships.


Interjections and expletives can add explosive energy to your sentences. However, they should be used sparingly.

Nouns and Pronouns

A grammatically correct sentence will always need a subject or implied subject. This is where nouns and pronouns come in. They can act as subjects and as objects.


Prepositions are used to create prepositional phrases. They connect a noun or pronoun to another element in your sentence and describe their relationship.


Punctuation gives shape to your sentences and tells the reader how to interpret them. Since there are so many forms of punctuation, we've provided some helpful subcategories below.





Exclamation Marks

Full Stops


Question Marks

Quotation Marks

Semicolons and Colons

Verbs and Verb Tenses

Speaking of grammatically correct sentences, in addition to a subject, you'll always need a predicate. A predicate contains at least one verb as well as any other objects or modifiers that describe what the subject does or is.


Having reached the end of our Ultimate Guide to English Grammar Rules, you should have all of the resources that you need to begin mastering English grammar. Should you ever feel uncertain about English grammar rules or any other elements of your writing, consider sending your document to be professionally edited or proofread by one of our experienced editors. Furthermore, if you're curious to learn more about the English language, as well as how to improve your writing and editing skills, we'd recommend scrolling through our articles and advice section to find additional posts that you might be interested in. 





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