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Turabian Style Bibliography

Examples of the Turabian-style bibliography

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If you wish to cite references using the Turabian style, this article will provide you with examples of how to do so properly. Although similar to the Chicago Manual of Style format, the Turabian style is different in some ways. The following examples can help reassure you that your citations follow the Turabian style. Please use these examples as a reference when constructing your works cited page.

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Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.

Book with one author

Aprilson, Andy. The Emergency Budget Task Force Handbook. Mississippi, TN: Haberdasher, 2001.

Book with two authors

Bringham, Darrin E., and Sally Knope. Resting Heartbeat Science. Alahandro, CA: Spaghetti, 2001.

Book with three authors

Bringham, Darrin E., Sally Knope, and Henry L. Fames. The Fashion Book of Scarlette de Morris, 12 July 1330 to 27 May 1350. Russels: Commission Royale, 1999.

Book with more than three authors

Christopherson, Martin, Kathy Evans, Corey Baker, and Kenith D. Frank. Networks for Research and Education: Sharing of Computer and Information Resources Nationwide. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1974.

Book with editor

O'Hanlon, Bert. Safety: How to be Safe Literally All the Time. Edited by Lenny Thompson. San Diego, CA: Goldstein, 1942.

Books with no author

Encyclopedia of Football. New York, NY: Sporting Publishers Inc., 2002.

Books by a corporate author or organization

Canadian Pumpkinology Association. The Truth about Rats and Skunks: Nature's Worst Enemies. Toronto, ON: La Fraude Publishers, 2009.

Chapter in a book or entry in a reference book

Graeve, Michael J. "Catching the Big One: How Fishing Helped Me Find My Center." In The Anthology of Modern Fishing, 42–63. Ann Arbor, MI: Maven Publishing Company, 2009.

Two or more works by the same author

Zruna, Jim. Adequate Lawn Care 101. Detroit, MI: University of Michigan, 1993.

---. Common Lawn Pests and How to Destroy Them Effectively. Florida: Simon & Penguin, 1993.



Zruna, J. "Adequate Lawn Care 101." Gardening in Society 40, no. 1029 (2002): 157–198.

Journal article

Coxswain, Abraham D. "Analyzing the Psychology of Odd Juxtaposition." Name Technology 42 (1986): 121–342.

Online journal article

Coxswain, Abraham D. "Analyzing the Psychology of Odd Juxtaposition." Name Technology 42 (1986): 121–342, (accessed May 2, 2002).

Newspaper article

Faker, Bamar. "Local Woman Grows World’s Biggest Pumpkin." The Nowheresville Daily Chronicle, June 30, 2009, D3.


LaFrambois, Karen. "Why Do People Treat Their Pets Better than Other Humans?" New York Vanity Circus, May 2003, 121–140.

Electronic sources

Entire website

The Green Bay Packers. "The Official Website of the Green Bay Packers." (accessed June 1, 2011).

Article in an online scholarly journal

Paulson, Robert. "Soapmaking: A Journey through the Dirty World of Saponification." Journal of Pierce and Pierce 55, no. 2 (2001), (accessed April 14, 2001).

Article from an online newspaper

Faker, Bamar. "Local Woman Grows World’s Biggest Pumpkin." The Nowhereville Daily Chronicle (June 30, 2009), (accessed June 30, 2009).


Email messages may be cited in running text instead of in a note or parenthetical citation.

                Example of a formal version of a note:

3. A. Rodgers, personal communication, April 1, 2011.

Other common non-print sources


Macwilliam, Andrew. Interview by Tammy Holmes, March 5, 2009, transcript.

Unpublished dissertation

Jennings, J. J. "Critiquing Paul Ratsmith's Theory of Modern Pumpkinology: The Truth about Pumpkins and Rats." PhD diss., University of Nowheresville, 2010.

Government document

Canada Revenue Agency. Average Exchange Rates for 2009. Ottawa, 2010.


Zoom: Academy for Superheroes. Directed by Hewitt, P. USA: Revolution Studios, 2006. DVD.

Television program

Television programs are not included in reference lists, only in footnotes.