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Professional Editors: The Life of a Word Warrior

While the life of an editor may appear glamorous, with fame comes scrutiny.

At times, the city echoes with the cries of the damned, yet the masses never wonder who these souls really are. They are the few skilled enough to wield the pen, errant commas and semicolons lying at their feet. The thick vines of verbosity slice through their patience, turgid prose weighs heavily on their bones, and the burn of subject-verb disagreement sears their eyes.

For those who think editing takes only ink enough to fill a pen and time enough to read a document, for those who think editors and proofreaders are simply nit-picky killjoys waiting to leap out from between two lines of fiction to shred to pieces the fledgling idea you finally expunged from that grey matter you call a brain after struggling for a whole half hour, feast your eyes on this video, and see just how challenging the life of a professional editor, nay, a Word Warrior, really is.