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Homophone Worksheet: Think You Understand Homophones?

Our editors test your knowledge in our homophone worksheet

Four culturally diverse students sitting around a computer smiling. They are working on a homophone worksheet.
Do you think you've mastered homophones?
If so, try our homophone worksheet!

In our article on homophones, we discussed what they are and explained the differences between homophones, homonyms, homographs. Now, it's time for you to try our homophone worksheet to test your homophone knowledge! And remember, if you are still having trouble with homophones in your writing, send your documents to our English essay editors for a thorough edit of your work.

Our homophone worksheet

The sentences below each contain one wrongly spelled homophone. See if you can pick it out and give the correct homophone instead. (Note: UK spelling is used here.)

1. What we have to do is to move passed the acknowledgement that there is a problem and try to address it.

2. The heir to the thrown showed a regal air as he walked among the throng.

3. At the advice centre, the counsellor was helping to diffuse the tension between the opposing sides.

4. Because the building was in such a derelict state, the surveyor thought that it would have to be raised to the ground.

5. After a long wait, the sniper caught his target in the site of his rifle.

6. When making ice cream, pore the ingredients into a shallow container and freeze until solid around the outside and mushy in the middle.

7. She was looking very glamorous in her cocktail dress, sheer stockings, and diamond broach.

8. The bored council official had tried to learn the electoral role by rote.

9. There were plenty of reasons why the new girl was so popular—her shear good looks and wide-open smile, for a start.

10. He knew that what he was doing wasn't right but wanting to do it overpowered the gilt of doing it.

11. The principle of the law school was thinking about making changes to the tort course.

12. The policeman noticed the stationary car and thought, "I wonder if that's the vehicle that's being sot in connection with the robbery."

13. The counsel for the defence wondered whether the jury would be phased by the revelations.

14. "Your surely not going out like that!" exclaimed the mother to her scantily clad daughter.

15. Previous experience in a similar role is essential, and the successful candidate needs to have excellent people skills, be self-motivated, and be a teem player.

16. "It's not fair to censor him for such a small mistake," the politician told Parliament.

17. The boy hatched a plot to fain illness by pretending to faint.

18. The paramedics were expecting to deal with several incidence during their shift.

19. The crew rode the boat past the buoy to the shore.

20. I had to brake suddenly in order to avoid the bridle entourage.

Answers: 1 Past; 2 Throne; 3 Defuse; 4 Razed; 5 Sight; 6 Pour; 7 Brooch; 8 Roll; 9 Sheer; 10 Guilt; 11 Principal; 12 Sought; 13 Fazed; 14 You're; 15 Team; 16 Censure; 17 Feign; 18 Incidents; 19 Rowed; 20 Bridal.