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How a College Admissions Essay Editor Can Help (Plus Tips to Help You Get Started)

Written by Katrina Hesman

Writing a Successful College Application Essay

Whether you're applying for an undergraduate, master's, or Ph.D. program, chances are that you will have to write an admissions essay. Perhaps you're even trying to write your essay right now, and you're hitting a wall. Not to worry! This article will provide a few tips for writing a successful admissions essay and discuss why using a college admissions essay editor is your best bet for success.


Three Steps to Help You Get Started

1. Scroll through your dream college's admissions page

Writing a college application essay can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. The good news is that there are many resources out there to help you find the best approach to writing your essay. The very first resource you should look at is the website of your target university or college. There, you should find a page detailing the admissions essay requirements and procedures for your program, as well as what the university is looking for in potential students. Keep this information on hand because it will come in handy during your writing and will also be useful to share with your editor.

2. Get inspired

Second, you can look at online examples of admissions essays written by students in the past. This can help you brainstorm and visualize what the structure of your essay should look like. It can be helpful to see how others have found creative ways to open their essays and highlight their experiences. The point is not to copy an essay but to help get you thinking about your experience, qualifications, and what you want to say. Make sure that you are looking at examples of good admissions essays, though! You wouldn't want to follow bad advice.

3. Read these tips compiled by professional editors

Third, you can check out Scribendi's tips for writing a college admissions essay. These tips are short and to the point, and following them will help keep your admissions essay on the right track. You'll notice an emphasis on editing and proofreading. This isn't just because it’s what we do professionally. After putting your blood, sweat, and tears into preparing a solid first draft of an admissions essay, we cannot stress the importance of searching out a college admissions essay editor enough. A good editor strengthens your efforts by helping you transform a good first draft into a truly great final draft.

How a College Admissions Essay Editor Can Help

It is important to do a first round of revisions on your own work, but a fresh pair of eyes will catch things that you might miss as the writer. Editors can also provide good insight on the content of the essay and recommend further development where necessary.

College and university admissions are competitive. Along with an excellent transcript, colleges are generally looking for well-rounded individuals who plan to contribute to the on-campus atmosphere in some way. College admissions essay editors are experienced and well-versed in what colleges are looking for. It is true that every college is different, but you can trust us when we say that we've seen it all. We can tell a good essay from a poor one, and we know exactly how to improve a poor essay or polish a good one.

Increasingly, students are using admissions essay editors to improve the quality of their essays. Getting your admissions essay edited is one way to ensure that it is at a competitive level when you submit it. A good admissions essay will increase your chances of acceptance, while a poor one may give the wrong impression about your motivations or suitability for attending a particular college.


To ensure that you say everything you need to say in a grammatically correct and cogent way, get your essay edited by one of Scribendi's professional college admissions essay editors. Invest in your future by letting us help you streamline your application.



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