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How Scribendi Uses AI to Improve Your Writing

Written by Jes D.A.

Scribendi has been working with editors to perfect your writing for over two decades. That kind of unrivaled experience in editing and proofreading gives Scribendi a unique perspective focused on innovation, one which often goes hand in hand with technological advancements.

Editing has been no exception to the innovations allowed by technological advances. Many modern writing tools rely on artificial intelligence (AI) alone to revise language, thereby cutting the human editor out of the picture entirely. We believe that this is a mistake. 

Great editing combines humans and AI

Scribendi has taken a different approach to language editing. Knowing the incomparable value of human editors in revising all the fine nuances of language, Scribendi keeps them at the center of the editing equation. This ensures that your writing remains not only human but also uniquely yours. At the same time, Scribendi embraces innovation and understands the incredible power of technology to enable humanly impossible rates of speed and precision.

As such, instead of creating tools to replace human editors, Scribendi has focused on creating tools to help them perform more efficiently at the same high quality. Using the powers of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Scribendi put intensive work into developing its first AI-powered tools, including the Scribendi Accelerator, which outperforms similar technologies in the field.

What is the Scribendi Accelerator?

The Accelerator is an automated editing tool that identifies errors in grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Like other automated editing tools, it provides suggestions for corrections at the sentence level of a document. After running the Accelerator, an editor reviews its suggestions, makes further revisions, including content revisions, and provides helpful feedback to the author. 

A thorough grammar and spelling check elevated with human feedback

By handling repetitive tasks at maximum efficiency with unmatched accuracy, the Scribendi Accelerator allows editors to focus on the more creative aspects of editing. While providing a thorough spelling and grammar check, Scribendi's editors also improve your writing in other ways, including working on its overall composition.

While some artificial intelligence technologies can ensure that your writing is technically correct, only a human editor can provide the feedback necessary to ensure your writing is the best it can possibly be.

Unparalleled accuracy and consistency

When paired with a Scribendi editor's unmatched experience and education, the Accelerator's ability to ensure accuracy and consistency has proven to be powerful, thereby ensuring consistent high-quality editing.

A professional-grade editing tool

Unlike similar grammar error correction tools available to consumers today, the Accelerator's quality performance is unmatched. Most notably, the Accelerator was designed to be a professional grade editing tool capable of assisting highly trained editors in their work.

If you're curious to know more, you can continue learning about the Accelerator, as well as Scribendi's other tools, at

Experience great editing

Just as the finest artists use only the best tools to craft masterpieces, writers and editors should only use the most innovative technology to draft high-quality writing. Taking the best of both the modern and traditional editing spheres, Scribendi has crafted a unique experience for writers and editors worldwide.

It doesn't stop here. As a new innovator in the field of AI, Scribendi is continuing its development of the Accelerator and other AI technologies. To keep up to date about future developments, follow Scribendi on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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