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We have already discussed how to write a press release, but when writing a press release it can be effective to review a press release example. Our editors have created a press release example for a fictitious company so that you can better visualize how to write and format a press release. And remember, there is nothing more embarassing than having spelling and grammatical errors in your press release, so send your document to our business editors to ensure it is error-free.

A press release example for Mikey's Towing

Mikey's Towing


Contact: Martha Peterson

Marketing Manager

Tel: (555) 555-5555

Fax: (555) 111-1111



Mikey's Towing paints their trucks pink for a good cause

Toronto, Ontario, November 25, 2011 – Citizens of Toronto and the surrounding area who have car problems over the Christmas holidays will likely notice something different about the Mikey's Towing fleet of trucks. As a show of support for breast cancer patients, Mikey's Towing has painted its trucks pink and has pledged to donate 5% of its profits in December to breast cancer research.

"I think almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer," says Michael Dwyer, owner of Mikey's Towing. "The Christmas season is about giving, and we could think of no better cause to support than helping to fund research into a disease that affects so many people."

In addition to helping stranded motorists, the company's trucks will be making appearances at special events throughout Toronto in the coming month. "It's about more than just raising money for the cause," continues Dwyer. "We want to raise awareness and hopefully create some momentum so that more people join the fight. Keep your eyes open and you're bound to see one of our trucks during December."

For more information on how you can help in the fight against breast cancer, or for a list of locations where the pink trucks will be appearing, please contact the marketing manager of Mikey's Towing, Martha Peterson, at (555) 555-5555 or email

About Mikey's Towing – Over the past decade, Mikey's Towing has demonstrated a commitment to corporate social responsibility through such efforts as organizing volunteer city clean-up crews and charity food drives. The company was founded in 1995 by Michael Dwyer and is located at 5555 Towing Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.


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