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At Scribendi, we believe in the importance of good manners. We bless every sneeze, excuse every hiccup, and hold every door, and when someone does something nice for us, we always say "Thank you." We can't think of anything nicer than you following us on social media and reading the content that we work hard to write for you. That's why we would like to thank you in the best way we know how—with gifts, of course! Enter the contest below to win or scroll down to find out more.'s September Swag Giveaway


For a limited time, Scribendi will be giving away some of our awesome swag to three of our luckiest followers. If you would like the chance to win a Scribendi t-shirt and a giant pencil (for correcting even the biggest errors!), here are a few ways to enter:

  1. A thank-you sign.

    Earn three contest entries by signing up for our newsletter.
  2. Earn two entries by following Scribendi on Twitter.
  3. Earn one entry by visiting our blog to read one of our great articles about writing, reading, and other language-related topics.
  4. Earn one entry by visiting our Facebook page and checking out our inspirational quotes and funny original comics.

Feel free to complete any or all of the above options to maximize your chances to win. The contest ends on September 30, so enter today using the links above. Good luck, and again let us say: Thank you!





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