Editing Services API

Editing Services API 

Accessible, Secure, and Confidential


In the business world, time is money. Who has the time or resources to dedicate to revising documents? Yet, business documents are usually co-authored by several people, leading to inconsistent, redundant, and unclear writing. Grammar and spelling errors often escape detection. Poorly written documents can cost you money and your reputation.

Save time while reducing costs with our API.

We can help. Our editing services application programming interface (API) provides a way for your content management system, application, or website to connect directly to Scribendi’s team of editors without having to visit our website.

Our editing services API allows you to easily integrate Scribendi's editing and proofreading into the workflow of your documents. You can outsource your editing and proofreading needs to an objective third party, streamline your document revision process, and save yourself time and money. Your business writing will be improved in a secure and confidential environment.

Make money and provide value.

You can also resell our editing and proofreading services on a white label or value-added basis using our editing services API, complementing your existing products and services. With the click of a mouse, our editing services API allows you to expand into new markets, better serve existing clients, and increase your profits.

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How can you use the editing services API? Here are some examples: 

  • Create an interface to allow your employees to submit documents to be edited by Scribendi from within your company’s application or intranet.
  • Seamlessly resell our services on a white label basis—either on their own, or as part of a value-added, a la carte option to complement your existing products and services.
  • Create a mobile application so your team can send documents to be edited on the go.
  • Create a plug-in for a software program to allow your users to send documents with the click of a button.

Why use the editing services API?

  • Accessible, secure, and confidential. Ensure that all of your documents are professionally edited and proofread through your interface, allowing you to focus on your core strengths and offerings, and be fully protected by our privacy and security guarantees.
  • Accessible across all platforms and devices. Feel confident that your documents can be sent to us from anywhere—whether from the web or a mobile device.
  • Wide range of services. Scribendi’s editors can work according to your deadlines, provide everything from substantive editing to light proofreading, apply your house style guide, and handle most major file formats. We can create custom service packages to suit your needs.

Reclaim your workday.

Your users will be able to access services quickly, with just a few clicks. Files are transferred securely between servers, saving valuable minutes with each order placed through the editing services API—and because they won’t have to go online, there's less temptation to go surfing.

How do you get started?

Getting started couldn't be easier. Click to register for our editing services API right now.