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A Day in the Life of an Author

Wouldn't it be nice if being an author really did mean just sitting at Starbucks and tap-tapping away at the backlit keys of your Mac while swaying to smooth jazz and breathing in a dark roast? Or if an idle scribble on a restaurant napkin was all it took to launch a mega bestseller like The Lord of the Rings? It's these kinds of faux-chic images that make people think authors are just people with a lot of time on their hands or that the craft of writing is all effortless inspiration. We, the pen bearers, the font aficionados, the late-night warriors, know better. We know that the daily life of an author isn't always so romantic or easy—there's frustration, there's tedium, there's downright panic. Creative careers can be wonderful, but sometimes they don't quite pan out as we expect.

Waking Up

Waking Up - Expectation vs. Reality



Breakfast - Expectation vs. Reality


Work Space

Work Space - Expectation vs. Reality.



Research - Expectation vs. Reality.



Progress - Expectation vs. Reality.



Lunch - Expectation vs. Reality.


Second Wind

Second Wind - Expectation vs. Reality.



Accomplishment - Expectation vs. Reality.



Dinner - Expectation vs. Reality.


Winding Down

Winding Down - Expectation vs. Reality.



Sleep - Expectation vs. Reality.


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