Academic Translation for Chinese Engineering Researchers
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Academic translation service from Chinese to English for engineering researchers and students. Our team of subject experts, professional translators, terminologists, and native editors work together to prepare publication-quality English papers from Chinese manuscripts.

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Have Your Engineering Research Published in English Academic Journals

Your work solves complex problems and provides solutions to people around the world. Let us help you bring your research onto the international stage with our publication-quality academic translation services, specifically designed for Chinese scholars, students, and researchers in engineering.

Engineering problems can be complex and highly specialized, which is why we have designed a quality system that combines academic expertise and linguistic mastery. Our team of engineering subject experts, professional translators, and academic editors will work together to produce a translation that is accurate, well-written, and ready for submission.

When you submit a Chinese manuscript for translation into English, we will carefully analyze your paper to understand the details of your research. We will perform an in-depth review of your reference material and glossary to ensure optimal terminology usage. During the translation process, a bilingual expert in your field will collaborate with a specially trained professional translator to ensure a precise and accurate translation. Finally, the translated document will be independently reviewed by an academic editor through our acclaimed native English proofreading service.

When all is done, you will have a polished English academic paper ready for submission, indistinguishable from one written by a native researcher in your field of expertise.

What will you receive?

  • The service of a highly qualified academic subject expert to ensure the full comprehension of your work
  • The service of a fully bilingual professional translator to ensure that your meaning is accurately conveyed
  • The service of a native editor with extensive academic experience to ensure excellent writing quality
  • Reference and glossary reviews to ensure the use of consistent and domain-specific terminology
  • A clean, well-written, professional final translation, ready for English journals and conferences

What type of documents can you use this service for?

  • Essays
  • Papers
  • Assignments
  • Journal articles
  • Research projects
  • Brevia
  • Abstracts
  • Conference proceedings, posters, and presentations

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Translation CN-EN - Engineering (up to 1,999 words)
Translation CN-EN - Engineering (up to 1,999 words)
Translation CN-EN - Engineering (2,000 to 7,999 words)
Translation CN-EN - Engineering (2,000 to 7,999 words)
Translation CN-EN - Engineering (8,000 to 15,999 words)
Translation CN-EN - Engineering (8,000 to 15,999 words)