I was pleased to know that my story was written well enough to have put my critique reader on the right path to understanding what I wanted to do with my story. I came within an inch of succeeding. It gives me 'a shot in the arm.'


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How many times have you submitted your work to an academic journal only to be rejected on the basis of English language problems? By using Scribendi's language services, you'll be making sure that your work is being judged solely on what matters: the quality of your research and development of your ideas.

Our academic editors have years of experience working with ESL writers to provide top quality language services. They'll check your work for common ESL grammatical errors, such as article usage, word choice errors, incorrect prepositions, subject–verb agreement errors, and more. They'll also give you advice regarding the organization and structure of your work, helping you to learn and improve your English writing skills.

Our editors are able to work with most major file types, and they'll keep your work confidential. Our secure server will also ensure that your information and work is delivered to us safely. Though our editors will do everything they can to help you improve your work, Scribendi has strict policies against its editors creating original material (writing) or paraphrasing.

With language services like those provided by the editors at Scribendi, you'll never have to worry about your work being rejected for the wrong reasons again. Create an instant quote below and place your order now to get started!

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ESL Academic Editing (up to 16,000 words)
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